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access_time January 14, 2011 at 8:57 AM in GotGame Radio by Steve Masters

GotGame Episode 396

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It’s the video game radio show, GotGame powered by Glyde dot com..I’m Steve Masters playing Ghost Recon Wii, NBA Jam, and Tron..…keep it here!

(story stuff) a fun shooter game for Wii?  Yeah, theyre hard to find..Ghost Recon Wii is a co-op rails shooter. (shooting sfx) select cover positions, and automatically move. (move move!)  tons of easy to kill enemies (shooting) Ghost Recon Wii, it’s a bit repetitive, but it’s mindless fun!

(gampelay sfx)  I get a lot of gamers asking me about NBA Jam for PS3 and Xbox..(gamplaysfx) it’s the classic 2 on 2 arcade, over the top basketball game that stays true to the original. (more sfx) Oh yeah…takes you back..NBA Jam, now on PS3 and Xbox.

Now it’s time for the Glyde dot com game of the week Tron Evolution(sfx) are you sick of getting ripped off for your used games?  Sell them now at GLYDE dot com, that’s Glyde dot com (dialogue) Tron Evolution is an action game based on the movie (action stuff) at frist, you’ll be running and jumping a lot..but stick with it the game get’s better after the first few levels. Tron Evolution has some control problems, bit if you like futuristic Sci fi gaming..it’s pretty cool…I’m Steve Masters for GotGame powered by glyde dot com GLYDE dot com. check out all the videos at GotGame dot com that’s GotGame dot com !!


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