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Girls Discriminated Against in Video Games

In many games now a days, especially Japanese RPG’s, such as Final Fantasy type game, the women characters seem to have enormously big boobs. Just about every single one has a perfect gigantic pair of cannons. But this is not the only way women are shown in games, the majority of them which might be like a side-kick type of character, are very annoying that you can’t in the game. It just makes women have this stereotype of being viewed as objects and not people in these games. They decrease their personality and increase their attractiveness in the chest area.

            Why is this trend happening? Probably the biggest reason is the decline in our economy and the companies trying to sell more games. A gamer is more likely to pick up a game with hotter and more revealing women in it than just a manly type of game without showing any cleavage. These people want to see boobs bouncing up and down while in a fight, that’s what makes these games interesting and fun! The more naked they are the better. There is not enough excitement in just normal women fighting.

            Many gamers, who just play all day, do not get any female interaction during the day.  This is a stereotype of intense gamers, but may be true in some cases. Their fantasy world is their interaction with females and they look forward to this every day. With the increased female image, they are less likely to want to go out and meet women and date because they have their women right there in their game. But if you decreased the women in these video games then these men would hopefully want to turn off the games and go out and do something with their lives and meet girls and have an actually interaction not just in games.

However some people ask why is this body image a bad thing. It displays a body image and sets standards to what women should look like. Many women will speak on this subject and feel harshly on this also. If you notice in these video games also that women are exceptionally skinny also, which makes real life women want to look like this, and they may go to all costs to get to a certain weight and this is the cause of anorexia when women want to get to a weight that is un-attainable.

            Some female characters are strong though and do break this stereotype. Laura Croft, a somewhat older game, is a strong willed female; however she does have the big boobs and body image. The attitude though shows she is a strong character and this is one of the main things video games aren’t doing, making their female characters strong willed. This is only one example, but there are many more that can come to mind that defy the quality and are very strong females.

            If video game developers wanted to sell more games they would sell less sex in the game. More females would be inclined to play them, which double the gaming output. This explains why most games which are solely sexual based end up failures. The world of gaming could expand with this thing, if you notice many girls don’t play games. A change in these stereotypes can really change the gaming world, a medium between men and women where they can really show what they really are equal even in the gaming world.


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