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Microsoft Denies Claims to Kinect Causing Red Ring

Microsoft has denied all claims that with older Xbox 360’s, the motion sensing Kinect add on causes the “red ring” system failure to the Xbox 360 Console.

According to many forums, users of the Kinect on the Xbox’s of the non-slim version, the older white Xbox 360’s, have reported that they played the game a few times with the Kinect and got the Red Ring of Death. They tried to the play the game another day and still got the red rings.

However Microsoft claims this is just a coincidence, and there is not a problem with the Kinect. These possibilities could be due to the Kinect, the older Xbox 360’s could possibly not accept the Kinect and people need to upgrade to a newer Xbox 360 console. There is newer technology every day and it is highly likely that the older systems can be left out or discarded when the newer products hit the market. So just be careful when you use the Kinect with older Xbox 360’s, this could ruin the console.


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