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Lawsuit Filed Against EA Sports Says “Madden” Prices Are Too High

Back in 2004, there was not only one company where you could get your licensed NFL football game. However this changed when EA signed an exclusive deal with the NFL which gave them the rights to the NFL games. After this two gamers signed a lawsuit against the company which is finally heading to court.

A lawsuit is filed against EA sports claiming that they are guilty of price-fixing the Madden Video Game, after winning the rights to the NFL in 2005. Before this Madden competed against the 2k series from Sega up until 2005.

 The two gamers’ central argument was that EA’s deal with the NFL should be considered an anticompetitive product. Based on EA’s actions before and after taking the license in 2004, which before there was no said license. NFL 2k5 was released as low as $19.99, which EA responded to release Madden 2005 at $29.95 instead of the original price of $49.95. This allowed NFL 2k5 to sell over 2.9 million copies which was over 2 million increase since the release of NFL 2k4 the previous year. Then after signing the agreement, Madden 2006 came out at the price of $49.99.

 The lawsuit says that EA raised the price of Madden by at least 70% since forcing aside the competition of 2k.  However, EA quotes the only price changes were due to the industry standards of their gaming prices. Deflation of our economy has heavily occurred since this battle with NFL 2k back in 2005.

 The suit is also seeking payment for anyone who has purchased an EA football game since August 2005, and is looking to give plaintiffs to them. The judge recently allowed the lawsuit to proceed, however no one knows which will be the declaration of the video game, and we may even see a licensed version for 2k sports soon. We will see what happens.


  • supa December 30, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    I only pray this works out for 2k Sports… I am sick and tired of EA ripping off us sports fans, specifically us Madden NFL fans. The formula for the game never changes with the exception of roster updates and maybe 1 or 2 new features that no one even notices or cares about. 2k Sports needs to get their rights back, competition is a very important thing to have in all phases of any market. Having competition guarantees that we don’t get the same game every year (like Madden has been as of late.) Why should EA continue to have the rights to your company Roger Goodell? What have they done to deserve it? Give 2K (a hard working company) the chance to show you what they can do, what do you have to lose? Thanks for putting this article up GotGame!

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