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Angry Birds downloaded more than 50 million times

Some people may say this game is the new Pac-Man, it is growing at a rapid pace and taking the world by storm. Angry Birds, a game which started as a game which people play when they ate bored on the iPhone, is now seen being played everywhere.

 This game has grown so fast you hear people talking about it while standing in line anywhere, and also people even dressed up as angry birds for Halloween. But the most ridiculous thing is that you can now buy plush toys for these angry birds.

 Angry Birds is currently the top popular app to purchase on the iPhone app store. However will this game grow into a game on a gaming console? This idea goes with how apple is growing now days. They are currently on the rise and money is being made by apple. For every one person who purchases this app at $ 0.99 that is just less than 50 million dollars going toward Apple and the creators of this game. Look out for Angry Birds and also Apple on the rise in the gaming community.


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