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Cypress Hill Backup Singer files Lawsuit against Rockstar Games

Michael Washington, also known as Shagg, is filing a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for the alleged use if his life story and his image in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He says they used this without his knowledge. This complaint was filed Monday in a Los Angeles Superior Court. Washington says he had met with Rockstar Games in 2003 to talk about street life and get ideas for the upcoming game.

 According to the complaint, Washington had answered questions about his life and also he had told them details about how the teenagers in gangs rode around on bicycles. Washington was told that if they were going to notify him if they used information, however they never got back to him.

 They had talked for at least 2 hours, about the different aspects of the gang and street life. He was informed recently after the game has been out for nearly 6 years that San Andreas might have been copied from his interview back in 2003. They had looked at images of the main character and compared them to pictures of himself and it was clear they had stolen his image and without telling him.

 Washington is demanding 25% of the total game profits, and also $250 Million for fraud, misappropriation of likeness and infringement. They will continue to fight the case until Rockstar decides to settle or it is decided that Washington wins.


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