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Halo Movie Still To Be Made

According to Halo Franchise Director, Frank O’Connor, the Halo movie is still going to be made, even though it has been rumored for some time. One reason why it hasn’t come out sooner is because the fact that O’Connor doesn’t think they need to have a movie even thought they would like one. It is not a necessity for the Halo franchise.

 One of the problems that were confronted with the making of this movie was that the movie companies think they wouldn’t make any money beyond the movie, because technically Microsoft owns the rights to Halo. This has posed a major problem why they wouldn’t make a movie in the past.

 The movie plot will take place after crash landing in the ring world called Halo, the navy captain Master Chief, who is chemically and surgically enhanced super soldier, he must figure out what the Aliens which they begin a war with, are in search for with this “ring” or Halo. When he figures out their plan it might be too late. The movie will correlate to the game it is unmentioned how many games the movie will associate with.

 However if this movie by some chance doesn’t make it into theatres, then there is also a TV option. Maybe cutting a deal with HBO, where they can run a mini-series on the game, similar to some shows out right now, this can be perfect for the franchise I believe.

 So what are you as fan’s ideas?? Should Halo do it big with big time hit movie, or take the smaller television route which still has potential of being a big hit. Speak your ideas.


  • 8bitzombie November 26, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    I think it would be better as a show, because there’s just too much in halo to be in just 1 movie, unless they make more than 1 movie

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