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Dive Deep Into the World of Bulletstorm

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Drunken space pirates, man-eating plants, unruly mutants and more, more, more!

Slated to be one of the hottest games of 2011, Bulletstorm is an original IP from the creative minds at Epic Games (Gears of War) and People Can Fly (Painkiller). Featuring a storyline penned by Marvel Comics writer Rick Remender in a pulp-influenced sci-fi style, Bulletstorm is the story of the surviving members of Dead Echo, an elite band of soldiers and the former pride of the Confederation.   These ex Dead Echo soldiers went AWOL from the Confederation escaping the control of General Vincent Sarrano, the most feared leader and their ex-commander who led them astray for many years.  The latest gameplay trailer shows what the ex-Dead Echo squad is up against when they crash land on an abandoned paradise planet overrun with man-eating plants and mutants.


Grayson Hunt was the leader of Dead Echo, an elite band of soldiers and the pride of General Sarrano’s army. After a revelation of the true nature of the work they did for Sarrano, Gray and his team went AWOL and have since become a band of rogue space pirates. Extremely cynical, resentful and harboring a drunken disposition, Gray is pissed at the world, a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any second, which makes him both a dangerous and skilled soldier.

His gun is as quick as his dry and sarcastic wit.  Gray often acts first and thinks about consequences never. Fighting is what keeps him busy and helps him forget the tragic past.

Gray was last seen battling the Ulysses, the warship of General Sarrano before both men went down in flames.  It is believed that Dead Echo crashed on the abandoned planet Stygia, but Gray’s exact whereabouts are unknown.


Calm and professional, Ishi Sato leads the Dead Echo squad with Gray.  As Dead Echo began to sink into the life of pilfering piracy, Ishi alone remained the voice of reason.

Ishi is the son of Kose Sato, one of the galaxy’s wealthiest men. Kose, the founder of Sato Colonial Developed, was no fan of the newly formed Central Unit as he suspected General Sarrano’s methodology would hurt new development, thus threatening all of his business building new cities in new worlds. When Kose’s youngest son left to enter the Central unit’s military academy, Kose offered Ishi enough wealth to purchase an entire city of his own, anything to dissuade him from joining the force.  Ishi’s response;  “Without an end to war, the fortune you offer me would mean nothing.”

Trishka “Lovely Bitter” Novak – MISSING IN ACTION

Trishka “Lovely Bitter” Novak is the daughter of a human rights leader who was coldly assassinated; though she never got a look at the men who did the killing she dedicated her life to becoming an elite assassin herself so that she might one day find her father’s killers and pay them the hell back. To this end, she joined Final Echo, the premiere covert squad in all the colonies, led by General Sarrano.

Trishka is an Echo Assassin, one of the most deadly in the universe; a tough, fierce soldier with a “no bullshit” attitude.

Dr. Whit “Mechanic” Oliver – MISSING IN ACTION

Dr. Whit “Mechanic” Oliver is a father figure to the crew.  Graying and overweight, he fits the role.  A good ol’ boy from Tennessee exuding the southern charm of a gentleman, he’s also the best field surgeon around.  You get shot up, Doc is the guy you want stitching you back together.

Expert engineer as well as Doctor, he was one of the first people brought in to develop the “hack and weld” method of in-the-field limb replacement. He’s trained in arm, leg, finger, and toe replacement. For any limb blown off in battle he could attach a robotic one in fewer than two minutes.

He and Gray don’t always see eye to eye.  Doc often sides with Ishi on issues.  The years spent as a pirate don’t sit well with Doc, but as a wanted man, what other choice does he have?

Rell “Le Pew” Julian – MISSING IN ACTION

Rell “Le Pew” Julian is a French-Canadian explosives expert with a taste for booze and womanizing. Rell did poorly in school but showed a natural aptitude for blowing things up.  Rell was chosen for Central unit and was bailed out of jail by General Sarrano.  Rell has been docked as many paychecks as he’s earned while under the command of the General.

If you’re “in the shit”, Rell is the guy you want on your side. He operates a large grenade launcher and is a whiz with explosive traps. He’s fearless, the first guy shooting every time — sometimes when he shouldn’t.

Post Dead Echo, Rell and Gray have a close friendship born from a mutual love of being intoxicated. They are stereotypical skirt chasing, fighting, filthy, drinking buddies.

General Sarrano

General Sarrano, Leader of the Central Confederate Unit of Resolution (CCUR), was at one time the most powerful man in the galaxy.  During his years of playing “peacekeeper” to the Confederation of Humanity, he gained a reputation as a mad man.  The very presence of one of his Battleliners in a quadrant would quell most planetary skirmishes, as it was better to give up the fight than to see what manor of lethal force Sarrano would use.  There are rumors of grand atrocities, entire transportliners would go missing, satellite colonies that had unfortunate technical difficulties leading in the deaths of all onboard.  There are no victims; no witnesses were ever left alive.

General Sarrano’s most trusted band of mercenaries, known as Dead Echo, was at the top of the rumor list.  They were a band of ghosts who made entire colonial cities vanish, the thing parents used to frighten their children into eating their vegetables.  Imagine Sarrano’s displeasure when Dead Echo learned the truth about their misuse, stole his prized Battleliner Spectre, and went AWOL.


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