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If you still don’t believe in Apple as the next biggest Video Game platform, think again…

by on November 9, 2010

Imagine a video game virtual store such as the Xbox Live Marketplace, but for Apple. Such as an online app store, Apple is developing a system where your apps can be played on TV controlled by your iPhone or iPod touch. Soon you will be able to plug in tour iPad to your TV. This will be compatible with the $99 Apple TV.

 This is going to be successful because of the fact that Wii games are simple like these Apple games. These are fun and do not require much video game skill. These Apple games will be very simple and fun to do when hanging out with friends and at a party scene. Many systems are coming out with these games, like Kinect for the Xbox and the PlayStation Move. This Apple system is going to contain motion sensors and they are finally making the push toward the TV screen.

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