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The Wii Will Cut Their Prices This Holiday

by on October 29, 2010

Nintendo will not cut their prices this fall, however their goal is to add on deals for their customers and add different accessories to their package. Today in Tokyo the president if Nintendo Satoru Iwata told the associated press that it has possibility to happen to cut prices, just not in the near future.

 The people who really wanted to buy the Wii would have already bought them by now, but Nintendo’s goal is to reach the people who considered buying it, but just never did purchase it, they want to make their experience better.

 A slash in the prices would help out the declining sales for Nintendo on their software and hardware. They fell 33 percent in the second fiscal quarter. Nintendo’s released a new Red Bundle with a new Wii Remote Plus controller, which is considered a hybrid version of the Wii controller with the Wii MotionPlus.

Nintendo’s profits will rise as they are looking to do this also with releasing the new Nintendo 3DS worldwide next year.

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