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Violent Games do not Increase Aggression:

At Brock University in Canada, a psychology student took up a study on the relationship between violent video games and aggression in children. His main focus was to seek out if the violent element in these games was actually the cause of youth being more aggressive.

The 26 year old student trying to get his PhD, has examined 50 students between the ages of 17 and 19, with the intention of having them play 2 games, one non violent( a racing game Fuel) and one violent one(Action-Adventure title Conan). In doing this he was trying to determine the games level of competitiveness, difficulty, and pace of play contributed to a rising level of aggression.

They took into consideration that some people are more aggressive by nature, but they took careful measurement of heart rate and blood pressure, while playing these two games. They reported that there were equal levels of aggressive behavior, appearing that violent content alone does not increase these aggressive behaviors.

More testing is to come from this student, however it is an interesting discovery and can go more in depth to research these games and the effects they have on individuals, especially on youth children and the way they think and develop.


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