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Nintendo President states that Apple is a bigger threat than Microsoft in Games

The President of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime admitted to Brian Caulfield of Forbes that he views apple as a serious more near term threat than Microsoft is. He thought that these IPod and IPhone games are casual but provide a huge distraction to the console gaming everyone is used to.

From the Interview:
“Do I think that in the near term they can hurt us more than Microsoft?” Fils-Aime said. “Absolutely.”

Some of this competition that Nintendo is lacking might hurt them this Holiday season because of no new device releasing. Besides minor revisions, the Wii and the Nintendo DS are over 4 and 6 years old respectively. However as stated by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, they wanted to release the new 3DS this holiday, which has crazy new features such as 3D glasses for gaming, they weren’t able to accomplish this and the device will be out in late February in Japan and a month later in U.S and Europe.

However Fils-Aime remains confident that he can outlast Apple. The DS games have the ability to consume you, such as Apple games only have the ability to act as something to pass the time while you’re waiting in line at the book store or something. For example Fils-Aime stated that he spent 150 hours playing Dragon Quest. Also Nintendo makes 14 of the 20 best-selling games, according tpo Forbes.

In the past it had been the three major gaming corporations, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, however a 4th is on the rise with Apple, in the most recent quarter of the year they have sold over 20 million iOS devices. Steve Jobs even went out to say that the IPod touch outsells the PSP and the Nintendo DS combined, but this is a very questionable statement. There not that big…Yet.

However Apple isn’t messing around when it wants to be on the top of the gaming network. They have new game designers working hard to really try to top the other big league companies. And with Apple looking into purchasing Sony, even though it is just a rumor so far, this could pose a real immediate threat to Nintendo. Look out for Apple, as they are slowly on a rise to conquer the gaming world.



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