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The PTC Compares the Gaming Industry to Thugs

The Parents Television Council recently wrote a short editorial which backs up the new policy for California Law of Schwarzenegger vs. EMA, because they think that the gaming industry is truly wrong in fighting this new policy and they display only half-truths about the proposition.

As far as relating to the first amendment as such gamers were really disgusted about, the PTC states that it has no correlation with the first amendment. The law just limits what can and can’t be sold to children. The short editorial states that:

“Do children also have a “right” to purchase cigarettes and alcohol? Of course not! If the law prevents children from directly purchasing other types of material that is inappropriate or harmful for them, why shouldn’t parents be able to rest easy knowing their child won’t be able to buy ultra-violent games without their permission?”

 They went on to compare the gaming industry to thugs, almost like a gang, trying to get younger children into them while there young and brain wash them into what is right and what is wrong in the gaming world.

The PTC responded also to gamers attempts to send the California State senator Leland Yee broken controllers with “I believe in the First Amendment” on them by just stating that if the gaming industry wants to throw temper tantrums, so be it, who gives them the right to hold the standards of gaming industry.

 The Editorial posted ends with this:

 “The videogame industry and those who support them are bullies, plain and simple. The PTC urges its members to stand up to the billionaire game companies that profit from selling sex and violence to children.”


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