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Medal of Honor surviving Taliban Controversy and How it will compete against Call of Duty

The Company of EA has fallen behind the overpowering activations Call of Duty games in a big way in the last 3 years. Now its EA’s mission to try to restore there power in the gaming world as one of the more dominant gaming franchises. Medal of Honor was once one of the top shooter franchises, however Call of Duty has recently overpowered them and now Coming out with Black Ops in November, they might once again top these charts, but its EA’s goal to stop this with releasing Medal of Honor.

However, it doesn’t help that Medal of Honor allows you to play as the Taliban in multiplayer game mode. But this really made the public mad at EA in general, because they criticized that this is not acceptable especially to the families of the war victims currently in Afghanistan right now. EA eventually changes the name of there Taliban to just “opposing forces” to compensate to the extreme dislike of much of the public.


However in Activision’s Call of Duty, there was also an extreme distaste on the scene in campaign mode where you are undercover as a Russian and go through and murder innocent civilians. But despite this scene in the game, Call of Duty still went on to sell more than 20- million copies making it one of the best selling video games of all time.

Many games now a days are controversial because that there is a war going on in the middle east, we have US troops there and people are dieing every day, it isn’t right to make games where we re-intact these deaths. This game is realistic, I’ve had the chance to play this game, at a medal of honor event, I has an American shooting at the Taliban though and I only played single player aspect of this game. But I also watched the multiplayer aspects. I don’t see much of a difference or thrill if I use a Taliban or an American. However if you don’t include the Taliban then you don’t have a game. There would be no one to shoot at. Its just the way the game works out. And it adds a realistic aspect top this game and Medal of Honor has survived in a big way because of this.

In 1999 Medal of Honor came out with its first game which had the rememorable scene of Taking the Omaha breach on D-Day. This was a memorable game, and they kept on coming with sequels of games until Call of Duty took over.

The new game coming out is going to be very realistic willed with snipers, ATV’s and helicopters. The environments in the maps are very realistic. It really shows how dangerous a battlefield can be. Although it doesn’t compare to how great call of duty graphics are, It will still be a great game to check out and buy. With fierce multiplayer fights, hide out in the smoke because people in the battlefield are so fierce they call shoot you down so fast. This game will give you a rush while you first person shooter fans await black ops to come out


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