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Tron: Evolution

On tuesday night we went and checked out the new Tron: Evolution video game. The game, made by disney, shows what happens between the old original movie, and the new Tron:Legacy which is to release in theatres around the hollidays this year. This new action packed game will for sure get you hyped for the release of the film.

In the new game they encorporate some new running techniques in which you can glide across buildings in the relm of Tron, even sprint off walls. This aspect of the game makes it more enjoyable to play and you can get to other locations faster and more efficiently. Your weapons to attack are these light up frisbees which allow you to throw them at your opponent. If you wait long enough you build up your attack and you can unleash a massive attack throwing out like 1o frisbees! This is very benneficial in the multiplayer mode of this game because you can kill multiple people. This is going to be a very enjoyable aspect to this game.

Another aspect to the game that I found enjoyable was the motorcycle riding. This was very fun because you can jump and the light tailing you can make others die. But also unlike the 80’s arcade game, you dont die right away if you hit someone elses light trail. There is some give to the light so you dont die, only get damaged at first. Or even the walls, you just bounce right off and you can keep going through the battle.

But all these new aspects to the game such as the parkour and the new light cycles are key to the success this franchise will have.  You must play the game to get the full Tron experience. Then go see the movie afterwords. It will be an experience not to be forgotten. Check out our video which will be posted monday to show how amazing this tron game will be. I was very amazed at what they had done. Check out all the different game types too because it differs from the Wii to the Xbox to the Playstation. Tron: Evolution hitting stores this winter!


  • Ian October 8, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    I saw a couple of videos and the game looks pretty cool. Prince of Persia ina Tron setup.Now that’s awesome. I hope it’s actually a good game and some shameless cash in.*prays*

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