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Starcraft Killing Mac users GPU

Recently there have been a lot of reports with Mac users and there graphics cards dieing due to too much playing of the new Starcraft II. Because Starcraft II runs of such high graphics, too much play can burn up your GPU. Recommendations for running Starcraft II is to limit the max FPS value by modifying configuration files: frameratecapglue = 30  frameratecap = 60. This will better help run the program more smoothly. CNET reports about an user who have seen his GF 8800M GT in his 2 years old iMac suddenly dying (crash during the game, and never able to reboot). Hovever most reports suggest that laying the game on a iMac is better because of the cooling system, where as on a Macbook, there isn’t as great of a cooling system, so they get fried more easily.

But is there the same problem in PC’s? Depending on getting the different processor for this high quality gaming, the Mac’s are the better computer for these graphics. But are the PC’s dying such as this? Update your PC before running your program to a faster processor so it doesnt burn it up. Many people don’t use PC’s anyways for them, but the best way would be to update your graphics card. Some suggest using  a flashed Radeon 4870 instead of the GF8800 GT in Macbookpro. They seem to not have problems at all. But take a look at your computer before running Starcraft 2 and decide which is better for you just so that you don’t have to suffer from your GPU dieing.


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