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Top 5 Halo Campaign Modes

With the new Halo Reach out, it’s wise enough to say that we can rank the campaign modes of all the Halos just to see which one is truly the best out there. We can analyze the features, the difficulty, and just plain out how much fun these campaign modes are to play. So it’ll be easy to say which game exactly has all the “good stuff”.

 Our decision is based not solely on difficulty but just on the overall quality of game play including all aspects of the campaign mode and just how outright fun it really is. Here are our picks:

            #5 Halo 2:

                        What was really interesting and a twist to this game, that not many fans were happy with, was that early on you switch off between controlling Master Chief and the Covenant’s Arbiter. Everyone wanted to continue playing as the Master Chief, not end up with the Arbiter. This makes Halo 2 our #5 pick on the best campaigns, just because the face that you end the game also with a cliffhanger and as the Arbiter, not so great with many loyal halo fans, which grew to love the Captain. However, in this game we experience vehicle Jacking and brutes which we grew to love greatly.

            #4 Halo: Combat Evolved

                        This is where Xbox revolutionized the shooter gaming experience on a console. They proved that a console can have a shooter which was just as good maybe even better than a PC game. This characterized the basics for Halo and guided the way for the newer Halos. I can truly say without this game, shooters on a console may have failed.

            #3 Halo 3:

                        This Halo campaign was almost outright perfect. The Master Chief is back and what makes this game amazing was that he was almost unstoppable. He could go into the most outrageous situations and suffer little damage, shoot incredible shots. He was comparable to a superman of some sort. However this campaign had one weakness. The level where you must navigate a flood infestation to save Cortana, was probably one of the worst levels in Halo history. You can argue if you wish, its just a fact that’s the only thing that would bring this campaign mode down.

            #2 Halo: ODST:

                        This game stands out as one of the best because of the fact that you’re a human again not a cyborg. It makes players vulnerable, also more interesting to play as. It gives the game a more reality of a feeling and I think this is why many players preferred this over previous Halos

            #1 Halo: Reach

This game takes us back to where we all began, in the events that prelude Halo 1 the hours before the planet is about to be no more. This game is truly one of the most well crafted works of art in the gaming shooter experience ever. Everything from the music to the game play balance is perfect in my book. For me there wasn’t a single annoying level either. I haven’t beaten it yet, but so far its pretty amazing. Brilliant masterpiece and I recommend it to all.

 Well there you have GotGame’s top 5 Halo campaign rankings. Feel free to comment anything you’d like at all.


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