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access_time August 29, 2010 at 11:42 AM in GotGame Radio by Steve Masters

GotGame Episode 374

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It’s the video game radio show, GottGame powered by Glyde dot com..I’m Steve Masters playing Lego Harry Potter, naughty Bear and Singularity..you wanna know if they’re any good? …keep it here!
(music and sfx) wingardian leviousa. (more sfx).Harry Potter fans can now play through the first 4 books on all video game machines with Lego Harry Potter years 1-4. (sfx) if you’ve enjoyed all the Lego games so far, you won’t be disappointed. Collect every little lego bit…solve puzzles..great co-op..Lego Harry Potter..it’s good!
(story stuff) What happens when a suffed teddy bear goes nuts?( fighting stuff) Naughty Bear is a great concept and destroying stuff as an evil teddy bear is fun, but it’s kind of clunky and repetitive so try it before you buy it.
Now it’s time for the Glyde dot com game of the week Singularity (sfx) are you sick of getting ripped off for your used games? Sell them right now at GLYDE dot com that’s Glyde dot com…Singularity is a sci fi adventure that will remind you of BioShock. Set between Russia in the 50s and present day you’ll have a blast wasting the mutants..(sfx) and exploring all the area in the game..Singularity is my top pick this week …I’m Steve Masters for GottGame powered by glyde dot com GLYDE dot com. check out all the videos at GottGame dot com that’s G O double T Game dot com !!


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