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access_time August 29, 2010 at 9:45 AM in GotGame Radio by Steve Masters

GotGame Episode 372

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Do you love video games?..its GottGame powered by Glyde dot com..I’m Steve Masters playing my top 3 summer console games..wanna know what they are??keep it here!!

Ah summer…no school…and more time for video games!!  Looking to get the most from your game time?  Don’t miss these games that are out now…first…racing fans are all over Blur..(this is powerd up racing)..great cars..(sfx)  fun tracks…and the power ups…(this is a blast..etc)  use the nitrous to move up in the pack..and the lightning bolts are great because they slow down the leaders so you can catch up!  Blur…up to 20  on line racers on the track at the same time…(racing sfx..)  awesome.

(shooting and horse sfx)  get lost in the old west..with red dead redemption..(hi mr. marzdan)..who would have thought riding horses in a video game would be fun…(riding horses stuff)  but it is…lasso some wild horses..(lasoo stuff)  oh yeah…there’s lots of shooting too…(shooting sfx)  Red Dead Redemption is a must play this summer..

Now it’s time for the Glyde dot com game of the week Alan Wake.. (sfx) are you sick of getting ripped off for your used games?  Sell them right now at GLYDE dot com that’s Glyde dot com…Alan Wake is a mystery story for Xbox 360 set in the creepy woods of the northwest..crazy possessed loggers try to hack you with axes (SFX) ..machinery comes to life and tries to kill you…(combine sfx) Alan Wake is one of the best survival Horror games yet!! …I’m Steve Masters for GottGame powered by glyde dot com GLYDE dot com. check out all the E3 videos at GottGame dot com that’s G O double T Game dot com !!


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