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Review | Puzzle Fighter

by David Pooleon January 18, 2018
Very rarely does a mobile game capture my attention, but every now and then, a true gem shines. Capcom recently revived their Puzzle Fighter series for mobile phones, the original releasing over 20 years ago. Bringing together characters from several of their franchises, Puzzle Fighter is as much a Capcom celebration as it is a […]

Pax South 2018 NESmaker Interview

by killatiaon January 17, 2018
Ever wanted to make your own Nintendo game but don’t know even a bit of coding to do so? Well Joe Granato’s very own NESmaker is here to help you make the game of your dreams on the nes. The kickstarter is right here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1316851183/nesmaker-make-nes-games-no-coding-required Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/killatia2 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/killatia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Killatia Twitter: https://twitter.com/killatia Patreon: […]

GameCube HDMI Adapter VS Official Component + Hardware Review – H4G

by hard4gameson January 13, 2018
We review ZeldaXPro’s GameCube HDMI option – the GC Video Plug and Play! We compare this with composite, s-video, official GameCube component, and Wii component! We also take a look at these formats with the Game Boy Interface. ZeldaXPro’s site: https://zzblogs.wixsite.com/home Support the Show ►► Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/h4g T-Shirts and MERCH: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Hard4Games/ SOCIAL ►► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Hard4GamesEntertainment […]

GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: Nightengale Smart Sleep Enhancer with David Sholkovitz

by Steve Masterson January 12, 2018
Picking up where we left off at the Pepcom 2017 Holiday Show we talk with David Sholkovitz, VP of Marketing at Cambridge Sound who’s showing us their Nightengale Smart Sleep Enhancer which raises your sleep threshold using sound blankets. Check it out!

GotGame Giveaways 1/8/2018 [CLOSED]

by David Pooleon January 8, 2018
[EDIT: And our winner is Izzy Gomez! Congratulations for your win. Your codes will be emailed to you and we hope you enjoy the games. As for the next GotGame Giveaway, we’ll be holding it on February 12th. Unfortunately, if we dont have enough entrants next month, we may have to discontinue GotGame Giveaways, but […]

The RARE Heineken GameCube! – H4G

by hard4gameson January 6, 2018
The RARE Heineken GameCube! In 2002, Heineken sponsored a football-related GameCube contest, giving away 50 indigo and 50 black GameCubes with Heineken branding (100 total). Applicants could apply online or via mail, it is unknown if Nintendo co-sponsored or approved of the contest. Support the Show ►► Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/h4g T-Shirts and MERCH: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Hard4Games/ SOCIAL ►► […]

Review | Okami HD (PS4)

by Charlie Grammeron December 26, 2017
We’ve been granted the chance to check out the recent PlayStation 4 re-release of Okami HD, which had arrived on PlayStation 3 after originally being released on the PlayStation 2. How will it hold up to the test of time? Story Okami HD places you in control of Amaterasu, also known as Ammy, who is […]

Review | Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package (PS4)

by Charlie Grammeron December 26, 2017
We’ve had a chance to check out the massive Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package, which includes the base game released on Xbox One last year, as well as all of the downloadable content that came out, giving it quite a lot of content for zombie slayers to enjoy. Story Frank West returns, older and […]

GGTV – Logitech G603 Unboxing with Josh Boykin

by Josh Boykinon December 23, 2017
Logitech’s new G603 Lightspeed wireless mouse cuts the cord entirely, giving users the option between high-speed USB input, or on-the-go Bluetooth for travelers. GotGame’s Senior Editor Josh Boykin received a unit for review, and showed off the unit in an unboxing video. Listen to Josh’s initial comparisons between this new model and the G403, the […]

Review | Life is Strange: Before the Storm — Episode Three: Hell is Empty

by David Pooleon December 22, 2017
Like the original game before it, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is one hell of a ride. With a fantastic first episode and a touching second episode, there was a lot to live up to with the finale. Luckily the third episode, Hell is Empty, packs the final moments with plenty of drama and […]

GGTV – Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 Preview with Chris Floyd

by Steve Masterson December 16, 2017
The final chapter in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is just around the corner and Chris Floyd, Game Director at Deck Nine Games gives us a sneak peek into the future. Check it out!

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