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Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez episode 4

by Charlie Grammeron December 1, 2015
The fourth episode of Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez has been released, following Snake Eyez as he trains in Japan. He participates in TGS 2015 and quickly learns that, though he is one of the best in America, he still has quite a lot to learn about Street Fighter.  Snake Eyez is certainly a great Zangief player, however […]

Preview | Killing Floor 2: Return of the Patriarch Content Pack

by David Pooleon December 1, 2015
Nearly three months after releasing the Incinerate ‘N Detonate content pack, Tripwire Interactive is ready to release their next content pack for Killing Floor 2. With this update brings a new perk, the Gunslinger, as well as a new set of weapons, two new maps, bug fixes, and a new character. However, perhaps the biggest […]

GGR 1183 – Rise of the Tomb Raider & The Crew Wild Run

by Steve Masterson November 30, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Ah yes… the beautiful Laura Croft! Rise of the Tomb Raider is adventure video gaming at it’s best. Right from the start, your thrown into the suspense and action. The frozen mountain… then the next scene… you’re exploring your first tomb! Xbox One owners… Rise of Tomb […]

albion 1

Sandbox Interactive explains Flagging and Zoning systems for Albion Online

by Charlie Grammeron November 30, 2015
With Albion Online’s Closed Beta in progress, Sandbox Studios has decided to share some information about the Zone and Flagging systems within the game, which are two core structures that are set to keep player-versus-player fun and challenging for all participants. As with most MMOs, Albion Online provides players with specific zones for PvE (Green […]

Review | Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

by David Pooleon November 30, 2015
Nintendo typically has a large list of first-party releases to fill up their holiday season, and although Star Fox Zero was delayed to next April, that didn’t stop another title from taking its place. Cue Camelot’s Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, the third home console release in this classic franchise. Earlier this year, we previewed the […]


Sony launches PlayStation Store Black Friday deals

by Dragos Dobreon November 29, 2015
Black Friday is the perfect day of the year to start buying things, especially since every store has some special deals in place for the day. You’ll get to save some cash, and they get tons of publicity alongside getting rid of older products. Sony has something similar prepared on the PlayStation Store for all PS […]

Xur: Agent of Nine Location and Item List for November 27 – 29

by Tatiana Dinuon November 27, 2015
This weekend Xur will be found at a new location, and of course he’ll bring some new stuff too. You know that Xur will remain at this location for the entire weekend, and if you want to buy some of the things that he brought, make sure you’ll meet him in time. Xur can be found […]

Total War: WARHAMMER shows off campaign map in new trailer

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2015
Total War: WARHAMMER comes ever closer to release, and Creative Assembly has shared a new trailer that shows off the gigantic campaign map for the first time. Focusing on Grimgor Ironhide, who has slaughtered many as he adventured through the Blasted Wastes and is now searching for a new foe to conquer.   The Greenskin Legendary […]

forsaken world

Forsaken World Mobile: Babel Ascending goes live

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2015
Yesterday Fedeen Games announced that the new update to their hit mobile MMORPG, Forsaken World, has gone live. This update, known as Babel Ascending, is available on both iOS and Android, and players will be required to manually download the new version of the game in order to get the update. This new update brings forth the Babel […]
first assault

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault arrives in December

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2015
Nexon was happy to share that their upcoming first-person shooter, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: First Assault Online, or First Assault, will soon be arriving for Steam and Nexon launcher players to enjoy. As the game moves through the beta phases, Neople is asking for your help to shape the game into the best it can […]
DW8E_Key Art

DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires arrives on Vita

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2015
KOEI TECMO America was happy to digitally release DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires on the PlayStation Vita for North American gamers to enjoy. Featuring a price of $39.99, players can utilize new intuitive touchscreen commands in order to gain more accurate control of the battlefield, and a Special Edit Parts pack is also available as an early-purchase […]

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