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Batman: Arkham Knight Finally Gets Its Interim Patch

by killatiaon September 3, 2015
After months of being broken for PC gamers everywhere but a lucky few WB games has released an interim patch for Batman: Arkham Knights. There are still things needing done with getting the pc port fixed up, like SLI/Crossfire support and dlc, but the patch does fix some of the bigger problems which includes: Reduced […]
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Review | Mionix Castor

by Charlie Grammeron September 3, 2015
Recently I had a chance to check out a new mouse known as the Mionix Castor. Mionix is a new brand in the local market, with the products having been designed in Sweden with a simple goal: Create the most ergonomic and best performing products available. The first thing I noticed upon opening the box it […]

GGR 1107 – Zombi & Lego Dimensions

by Steve Masterson September 3, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Still can’t get enough zombies? Well, if you missed Zombi U on Wii U 3 years ago… you can now  play it on your PS4 or Xbox One! Your in London, and the zombie outbreak has already happened. lots of stuff in the environment to use. Someone is […]


Insert Token

by Maggie Wilandon September 3, 2015
Back in the early days or video games, arcade was king. You’d go with a few of your friends to wherever you could think of that had a few cabinets if you didn’t have a dedicated arcade around, and often it meant going to places like drug stores, pizzerias and the laundrymat. You’d collect your […]

GGR 1106 – Mad Max & Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain

by Steve Masterson September 1, 2015
Listen up video gamers…it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Yes… it’s Tuesday… two Triple A games hit the stores today… first, Mad Max! Mel Gibson and Tina Turner aren’t in this game… But the end of the world wasteland is… everything is scarce, and you’ve got to fight basically everybody.. you’ll be driving your car a lot […]


Review | Amnesia: Memories

by Charlie Grammeron September 1, 2015
Visual novels and dating sims are on the rise on both PC and handhelds, and Amnesia: Memories holds the distinct honor of being the first major otome (game focued on a female protagonist finding a romanitic partner) title to release on both PlayStation Vita and Steam. It also holds the honor of being Idea Factory’s […]

2K reveals 21 more Superstars and Divas in WWE 2K16 Roster 3:16 episode 4

by Charlie Grammeron September 1, 2015
As another week has begun, 2K revealed the fourth entry in their ongoing WWE 2K16 Roster 3:16 video series. This time, they’ve decided to show off 21 WWE Superstars and Divas that will be present when the title releases on October 27, 2015 for North America and October 30, 2015 internationally. These Superstars and divas […]

GGTV – Chordify Demo with Bas de Haas and Marcus Henderson

by Steve Masterson September 1, 2015
Ever wish you could play guitar like the pros? Bas de Haas and Marcus Henderson are here to show us how Chordify can make it happen for you. Check it out!


Resident Evil: Origins Collection Revealed, Wesker Mode added to Resident Evil 0

by David Pooleon September 1, 2015
Capcom has just announced that there will be a physical collection of the stories that started the nightmare that is Resident Evil for the current generation. The HD remasters of both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 will be released together physically, an answer to those waiting to get these games on an actual disc. […]

GGR 1105 – Until Dawn & Rock Band 4

by Steve Masterson August 31, 2015
Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! I love creepy horror video games… My current favorite is Until Dawn a PS4 exclusive. The story takes place at a remote vacation house in the mountains… yes… there’s a murderer sneaking around. When you meet a new character, you automatically start to play as that character. […]

Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition and Pre-order Costumes Revealed

by David Pooleon August 31, 2015
Almost towards the end of the relaunch of the first beta, Capcom has just announced that Street Fighter V will now have a Collector’s Edition. Considering that all future content can be unlocked for free, it can be assumed that people who buy the Collector’s Edition will be set for the rest of their Street […]

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