citizens of earth

Tan plays Citizens of Earth (Silent)

by Charlie Grammeron April 1, 2015
Having (again) recently completed Citizens of Earth, I’ve finally managed to upload all the videos for your enjoyment. Here’s the playlist: Will our VP manage to save the world, or will his natural laziness be his bane?   Like this: Like Loading...

The Sims 4 Got a new Expansion Pack

by Tatiana Dinuon April 1, 2015
According to EA, The Sims 4 got yesterday a new expansion pack. It’s called Get to Work, and you’ll be able to practice in areas such as: medicine, science, and others in order to become either a Doctor, a Scientist, a Detective or you can have your own business. Below you can see the launch trailer, together […]

The Witcher 3 is More Than 200 Hours Long

by Tatiana Dinuon April 1, 2015
Three days ago, Senior Game Designer Damien Monnier said that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt might take more than 200 hours to finish. The news was announced on Twitter, and you can see it below. Of cours, this time will apply in case that you do every quest included in the game. At first, in 2013, CD […]

shanks 2

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 receives new screens and videos

by Charlie Grammeron April 1, 2015
Today BANDAI NAMCO Games America was pleased to release new screens and trailers for the upcoming title, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. These new assets showcase various popular characters complete with their abilities and powers. For example, you can destroy waves of enemies with Magellan’s poisonous hydra, Ivankov’s Hell Wink, Shanks’ one-armed combat, Tashigi’s masterful […]
gurumin 2

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure arrives on PC with a 10% discount for Steam and GOG

by Charlie Grammeron March 31, 2015
Game publisher Mastiff was thrilled to release Nihon Falcom’s beautiful 3D action role-playing game, Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure for PC via Steam, GOG.com, and other digital download services. Set at a price tag of $9.99, gamers who adopt the game early will be able to get 10% off the regular price at Steam and GOG.com. […]
Warrior IC Title

Path of Warrior DLC focuses on Ultimate Warrior

by Charlie Grammeron March 31, 2015
Today 2K was thrilled to release the newest DLC for WWE 2K15, known as Path of the Warrior. This DLC, the third addition to the game’s story-driven 2K Showcase mode, takes gamers on a journey through the legendary career of WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior. The journey you will embark upon will commence with […]

Taker vs. Wyatt

2K announces first simulation-based WWE game for mobile platforms

by Charlie Grammeron March 31, 2015
Today 2K was excited to reveal WWE 2K, the very first simulation-based WWE game for mobile platforms. This title is currently in development for iOS and Android devices and scheduled for a Spring 2015 release at a price point of $7.99. 2K has declared that, “WWE 2K will offer authentic WWE gameplay in a mobile […]

Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Limited Edition Revealed

by Tatiana Dinuon March 31, 2015
Today, Sony has revealed a new limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle for Batman: Arkham Knight. It contains a Steel Grey PS4 with a Batman: Arkham Knight design on it, a controller that matches the console, a Blu-ray copy of the game series, and also the exclusive bonus content, Scarecrow Nightmare mission pack, which is available only on PlayStation 4. Along […]

Bloodborne – You need to keep an eye on these people

by Tyler Colpon March 31, 2015
If Bloodborne is truly like the previous Souls games, then people will be making discoveries about it for months, maybe even years, to come. There’s lore to suss out, mechanics to define, and exploits to discover. From Software doesn’t make games that fade away after the first month; it makes games filled with secrets and […]


Games Available in April for PS Plus Members

by Tatiana Dinuon March 31, 2015
Sony has finally announced which are the titles that will enter PS Plus next month. You can see the list of games below together with the consoles on which they will be available. The offer will be available starting with April 8th, and if you’re not a PlayStation member yet, you can subscribe now for £5.49/€6.99 per […]
mario64 capa

First Level of Super Mario 64 recreated in Unity

by Tim St. Croixon March 31, 2015
Roystan Ross released a in browser version of the first level of the gaming classic Super Mario 64 on March 12. Faithfully recreated using the Unity Engine, and with gorgeous updated graphics, it gives players a chance to see what an HD update of the video game classic could look like. Ross has stated he […]

Review | Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

by Adam Larckon March 31, 2015
I never did check out Kirby: Canvas Curse, the DS title that shared the gameplay of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. After playing through the Wii U version, I’m not apt to go back and check it out either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Rainbow Curse is a bad game. It actually has […]

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