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Hogan, Andre confirmed for WWE 2K14, plus new ’30 Years of WrestleMania’ mode

by Ramon Arandaon August 12, 2013
2K has today unveiled some really cool information about the upcoming WWE 2K14 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. First up is the confirmation that both Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant  will both be in the game. Now their inclusion also highlights a brand new mode that’s called 30 Years of WrestleMania, which […]
Macho Man

20 Old School Things WWE 2K14 Needs

by John Curryon August 12, 2013
The wonderful thing about the previous installment of the WWE video game series, WWE 13, was the ability to relive the glory days of the mid to late 1990’s as the battle between the WCW and the then WWF fought for ratings in what would become the Monday Night Wars. Within this new aspect of […]

WrestleFest Returning to iPhone/iPad

by Ryan Bateson February 17, 2012
Remember all those quarters you plunked into WrestleFest in the arcades of 1991? Your chance for revenge is coming. It has been confirmed and reported on that WrestleFest is being remade for the iPhone and iPad. Hailed back in 1991 for its graphics and variety of game formats  like “Royal Rumble” and “Saturday Night’s […]

Wrestle War Arcade Review

by jumblejunkieon July 22, 2011
WRESTLE WAR!!!!!! Back with another arcade review! Today we will take a look at Sega’s Wrestle War! Wrestling goodness! Website:

WWF Wrestlefest Arcade Review

by jumblejunkieon June 17, 2011
In 1991, Technos Japan brought us one of the greatest wrestle games of all time, and that was WWF Wrestlefest!