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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite makes its iPad debut in the West.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite arrives on the App Store

by Charlie Grammeron July 3, 2014
Capcom was proud to announce that one of the most popular in their Monster Hunter series has arrived on the App Store. This title, as you can see in the headline, is none other than Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is currently available for $14.99. The game, which is an action role-playing game, was based […]
Play the original three Phoenix Wright games in HD on your 3DS this winter.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD heads to North America this winter

by Charlie Grammeron June 5, 2014
If you’ve been craving more Ace Attorney action or you just haven’t had a chance to see why people love the franchise so much, then this winter may be the perfect chance for you to experience the games. Capcom has announced today that the Ace Attorney Trilogy HD collection, which features the first three games […]
Street Fighter IV bonuses revealed.

Ultra Street Fighter IV release date and pre-order bonuses revealed

by Charlie Grammeron May 15, 2014
Today Capcom has unveiled both the release date and pre-order bonuses for their newest entry in their popular fighting series, Ultra Street Fighter IV. These revelations come complete with a new trailer, which can be seen below. The game will feature five new characters, with four being taken from other titles. Poison and Hugo, the […]

Mega Man II joins the Virtual Console offerings.

Nintendo highlights digital content in newest Nintendo Direct

by Charlie Grammeron May 8, 2014
Today was a great day for Nintendo fans who love digital content. The company revealed several new offerings on the Virtual Consoles and eShops. First up is the 3DS Virtual Console. The big news here was the beginning of Mega May, which means that a different Mega Man will launch every week, with this week featuring […]

Decapre announced for Ultra Street Fighter 4

by Adam Larckon March 17, 2014
The fifth new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been revealed, and she’s one of Bison’s dolls. Decapre seems to be part Bison and part Cammy. While looking similar to Cammy, she has a mask she always wears to hid a burn on her face. She also utilizes plenty of psycho powers in her […]

Dustforce Review

by Robert Craciunon February 28, 2014
The gaming industry market is filled with gorgeous and exciting 2D platformers nowadays, whether it’s Rayman, Donkey Kong or Meat Boy, they make gamers relive the simple but pure joy of two-dimensional space. I’ve put many hours into games like Limbo and Rayman Origins/Legends and though I’m not a true hardcore  platformer player at heart, […]

New Strider information revealed.

Strider to launch on February 18

by Charlie Grammeron February 5, 2014
Today Capcom announced that Strider will officially release on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4 (via PSN) for $14.99. It will then release on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (via XBLA), as well as PC (via Steam) on February 19. In addition to this announcement, they revealed that two new Challenge Modes have been added […]
MVC 3 delisted from Xbox LIVE.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 delisted from Xbox Live

by Charlie Grammeron December 27, 2013
Today, Capcom’s most recent entry in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series has been delisted from Xbox LIVE. This announcement should come as no surprise, as Capcom had previously announced that today would be the final date that gamers would be able to purchase DLC on the platform. In addition to the delisting from Xbox LIVE, PlayStation 3 […]
Ultra Street Fighter IV to arrive in time for

Ultra Street Fighter IV to arrive in early June

by Charlie Grammeron December 6, 2013
Capcom has today announced that the newest version of Street Fighter IV, titled Ultra Street Fighter IV, will be available in early June, 2014. Said Capcom, “Right now, we are hard at work to bring the game to all of our fans as soon as possible, and want to ensure there is enough time that […]

Save the whales! In PW: DD DLC.

Save the whale accused of murder in new Phoenix Wright DLC

by Charlie Grammeron November 21, 2013
Yes, you read that correctly. The new DLC for the widely loved Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies puts Phoenix and the gang up to the task of saving a whale that has been accused of murder. The new DLC can be purchased from the game’s main menu for $6, and then played at any point after […]

Happy 85th Birthday to Mickey Mouse!

by Ryan Bateson November 18, 2013
He’s been a staple in the gamersphere longer than some of our readers have been alive, and in entertainment longer than the rest of them. He’s been a racer, a golfer, a dancer, a king, a friend, and a hero. But he’s not the mustachioed plumber you might be thinking of, because he’d rather forgo […]
Mega Man X to be playable (via costume) in Dead Rising 3.

Mega Man X returns in Dead Rising 3

by Charlie Grammeron November 14, 2013
Dead Rising 3 is continuing the tradition of goofy, refrential costumes in the zombie series. This tradition has typically hit the right notes with fans, and now the newest game is bringing back a character Capcom has been neglecting for quite a while; Mega Man X. In order to unlock this costume, you will need […]