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Preview | Resident Evil gets infected with high definition

by David Pooleon October 10, 2014
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Relive Phoenix's first cases.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy arrives in December

by Charlie Grammeron October 9, 2014
Today Capcom decided to add a brand new piece of evidence to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Court Record. This new piece of evidence is none other than the title’s release date. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be arriving in North America on December 9 and across Europe on December 11. This news […]

Metroid meets Monster Hunter

by David Pooleon October 8, 2014
The crossovers continue with more announcements from Nintendo and Capcom as Metroid’s own Samus Aran makes her way into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.  Of course not as herself, but as another costume from Nintendo’s franchises.  The Zero Suit outfit and Varia Suit will be among the armor sets in the game, as well as what […]

North America fans can check out Resident Evil Revelations 2 for the first time at New York Comic Con.

Capcom details New York Comic Con plans

by Charlie Grammeron October 8, 2014
Over the weekend, Capcom will be attending the New York Comic Con (booth #1604). They will be bringing along plenty of demos for attendees to check out, including the first chance for North American fans to check out Resident Evil Revelations 2. In addition to Resident Evil, Capcom will feature new demos for both their […]
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Resident Evil HD Interview Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

by Charlie Grammeron October 3, 2014
Charlie – Many gamers are looking forward to the upcoming HD version of Resident Evil, but some are curious: Why did Capcom decide to release this version? Yoshiaki Hirabayashi – Resident Evil represents the origin point for Survival Horror kicking off as a genre. And, within this series, the GameCube remake stands as a real masterpiece – […]

BSAA outfits come to Resident Evil Remake next year

by David Pooleon October 2, 2014
Capcom ran a “Raccoon City Contagion” campaign on their Resident Evil website, encouraging fans to participate and become “infected”.  The campaign promised that getting enough participants would unlock BSAA outfits for the protagonists Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, and it looks like the hard effort paid off.  When Resident Evil launches early next year, fans […]


Animal Crossing crosses over to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

by David Pooleon September 22, 2014
Not only will Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate give you Mario, Luigi, and Sonic costumes for your felyne companions, but now it looks like you’ll be able to dress them up as Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Isabelle, as well as series regular, Mr. Resetti.  It seems Nintendo is giving Capcom their full blessing in this entry […]

Ultra Street Fighter IV to get new Omega Mode!

by David Pooleon September 22, 2014
Version 1.04 is coming to Ultra Street Fighter IV, and with it comes a brand new mode that completely revamps all 44 of the characters on the roster.  Shooting Hadoukens with Ken’s kicks?  Triple Sonic Booms from Guile?  That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the changes that are being made, and it looks […]

Resident Evil Remaster – Achievement / Trophy List has been Revealed

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon September 20, 2014
Capcom has revealed the achievement and trophy list for Resident Evil Remaster, which will come to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC in early 2015. Here is the list: Like Taking Candy from a Baby Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher (10/Bronze) Not in the Mood to Die Finish the game on […]


Monster Hunter 4 is Not Coming to Wii U

by Tatiana Dinuon September 15, 2014
The rumours according to which Monster Hunter 4 was coming to Wii U have been clarified by Capcom. They specified that “I’t a misprint,” and also, Capcom community chap, Yuri Arauj said that “We’re working on a proper message to difuse this, so we should have something more public and official out soon”. Monster Hunter 4 has […]

Review | Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

by David Pooleon September 10, 2014
Let me just start off by saying this.  I love both of these franchises.  I’ve been playing the Ace Attorney series since it first came over to the states on the Nintendo DS and have been enjoying the courtroom antics of Phoenix and all the characters that have spawned from that series.  Professor Layton, I […]
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Capcom shows off Resident Evil HD Remake trailer

by Charlie Grammeron September 1, 2014
Today during the Sony event in Japan, Capcom showed off the first trailer of the upcoming “definitive” version of the much loved and critically acclaimed Resident Evil. As you can see above, the game features enhanced graphics and the classic survival horror gameplay that the first game is well known for. It is slated to release on […]