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ALESTORM: Surf Squid Warfare – Brand New Unreleased Song

by SWAGon November 15, 2013
Alestorm debuts a brand new track from their album coming out in 2014. This was taken Nov 14th in San Francisco at Thee Parkside.

Knight Life #1: SWAG & KWING Are Back!!!

by Kwingreviewson June 21, 2013
The dynamic duo returns in a new, monthly video series to talk about video games, hobbies, movies, their daily lives and much more. Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy! This episode was recorded just prior to E3.

Sony’s Marketing Blows

by SWAGon March 6, 2013
Let’s explore why Sony fails so miserably at marketing their products like the PS3, PSP and Vita.

PS4 Predictions & Women in Gaming

by SWAGon February 28, 2013
Will the PS4 be a success? Why were there no female presenters at the PS4 press conference? Let’s delve into these questions…

SWAG’s Job

by SWAGon February 8, 2013
This video is about SWAG’s Job

Car Opinionz: Like vs Good

by SWAGon October 20, 2012
What you like is not necessarily what is good.

Extra Life Marathon & Princess Leah

by SWAGon October 18, 2012
Tune in October 20th starting at 9:00 AM PST for the KIXEYE 24-hour gaming marathon: Please donate to the cause here: Team KIXEYE Extra Life page: Go to Princess Leah’s Facebook page and ‘Like’ it: http://

Game Reviews: Clash of Heroes, Final Fantasy

by SWAGon October 1, 2012
two video game reviews from swag

SWAG’s Sega Saturn Games (Part 1)

by SWAGon August 7, 2012
Part 1 of my collection of Sega Saturn games

The Dark Knight Rises Review

by SWAGon August 1, 2012
My opinions of The Dark Knight Rises. I actually recorded this a week ago, but just got a chance to edit.

Kids in Movie Theaters

by SWAGon July 26, 2012
Why small children should not be allowed in movie theaters; and yes, the parents are to blame.

Car Opinionz: Gaming Community on YouTube

by SWAGon July 18, 2012
more stuff from my brain