Girl Pai Mei? Girl Pai Mei. (Glitch outtake)

by Glitchon December 11, 2012
Brian’s first characterization in this makeup of course didn’t work for the actual show, but it was one of the funniest things since sliced bread* and never really died. Every there was Pai Mei make up, Girl Pai Mei hung out with us behind the scenes. *Trust me people LAUGHED when they first saw it; […]

Obi-Wan Kennobi loses it

by Glitchon December 11, 2012
Filming is very stressful. Especially when Lucas is giving direction. “Faster, more intense.” Sometimes Jedi are calm, and composed. Other times, they are Christian Bale. Censored language.

Glitch s01e06 – “The One Where Everybody Loses Their Job”

by Glitchon November 19, 2012
Samus gets some bad news that sends the gang into the final adventure of season one.

The Other Only Deleted Scene

by Glitchon November 14, 2012
From Episode 4 – “Nerd Lent” Beau’s idea on the day, when we were filming the sequences of the trio getting worse as time went on. We still love it, but at the end of the day it through off the rhythm of the sequences. But now you get to see it!

The Only Glitch Deleted Scene

by Glitchon November 12, 2012
From s01e01 – “OMG Pilot OMG,” here is the only deleted scene from Glitch there is.

Interview with Magic Man Jesse Lee Keeter

by Glitchon November 12, 2012
Tyler sat down to interview Jesse during the run up to the kickstarter last winter.

Bonus Life #15 – Controllers also Vibrate

by Glitchon November 5, 2012
The jury rendered its verdict after almost no deliberation.

Glitch s01e05 – “The Crazy One”

by Glitchon October 29, 2012
Glitch makes another wish! What an idiot. He finds himself in a mirror universe, working for a militant testing facility. Samus has a beard. And then things get weird.

Bonus Life #14 – Death from Shapes Above

by Glitchon October 15, 2012
A follow up to Bonus Life #3 I guess? Let’s say more of a “spiritual sequel.”

Glitch s01e04 – “Nerd Lent”

by Glitchon October 8, 2012
Glitch inspires Samus and Wyatt to take a week-long break from video games. They try, they really do.

Bonus Life #13 – It’s Not News, It’s Fark Dot Argh

by Glitchon September 24, 2012
Trust me, one day there’ll be an Olympic event in headline submissions.

Glitch s01e03 – “The Day of Fail”

by Glitchon September 17, 2012
Item drop time limits erase Glitch’s PAX tickets, and suddenly the gang can’t get in! But they try anyway, because Wyatt’s all inspiring. Also Lars makes a surprise return appearance, and it’s not exactly a boon to their quest. Hijinks ensue … hijinks always ensue.