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Gaming with Killatia Playstation TV

by killatiaon October 23, 2014
Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at Sony’s Playstation TV! No not that failed $500 3D TV but the micro console version of the Playstation Vita. Edit: Here’s the current list of games compatible with the Playstation TV: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:  

Review | Super Smash Bros. 3DS

by Ramon Arandaon October 21, 2014
When Nintendo announced that a 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. was in the works, I was both excited and nervous. I was excited because, well, more Smash Bros. is always a good thing and you can only expect a fun endeavor when the franchise is involved. However, I was nervous because I wasn’t convinced […]
Skylanders Trap Team_Villain_Chompy Mage

Review | Skylanders: Trap Team

by Jeffrey Harrison October 21, 2014
The Skylanders are back for another rip-roaring adventure with Skylanders: Trap Team. In the latest adventure, Trap Team, Toys for Bob uses the new Traptanium Portal device to make the villain characters playable. The Spyro the Dragon series has really taken off since it was rebooted as Skylanders. In addition, it influenced other titles like […]

The Corsair K70 RGB keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards currently on the market.

Review | Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Keyboard

by Charlie Grammeron October 18, 2014
Recently Corsair Gaming has brought a few new colorful, LED-backlit keyboards for consumers to enjoy. These keyboards come in three styles, and I’ll be testing out the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB mechanical keyboard today. The Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard is the company’s newest Cherry MX mechanical keyboard. It features customizable backlighting, granting users 16.8 million color […]
Sherlock Holmes - Some Analysis

Review | Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes

by Josh Boykinon October 17, 2014
Frequently mysteries are just about finding out “whodunit,” and that particularly holds true in mystery adventure games. But Frogwares’ newest entry in the Sherlock Holmes series, Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes takes it a step further: once you found out who committed the crime, what do you do with the criminal? In this iteration of […]
NoScope Hydra and Orion

Hands-On With NoScope Glasses, Round 2: Orions and Hydras

by Josh Boykinon October 15, 2014
Maybe it’s a symptom of years spent in front of various screens throughout my life, but I’m realizing that my eyes put in some serious work over the course of a day of writing and gaming. “Gamer glasses,” special glasses with yellow lenses to ease eye strain, aren’t new, but NoScope as a company somewhat […]


Review | The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

by Robert Craciunon October 13, 2014
Playing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter feels like that moment in your young years when you’re crossing the street for the first time by yourself, without your mother there to hold your hand. And if you jumped into the game without checking out any trailers or news about it whatsoever, like I did, the feeling […]
tri 2

Review | TRI

by Charlie Grammeron October 9, 2014
Today we’ll be looking at a rather unique title created by the folks over at Rat King Entertainment. This title, known as TRI, decides to forego the violence that so many games focus on these days, instead simply asking the gamer to use his or her brain to figure out how to collect some fox statues. […]
xillia two

Gaming with Killatia Tales of Xillia 2

by killatiaon October 9, 2014
Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at Tales of Xillia 2, the follow up to last year’s fun Tales of Xillia. Is this sequel better then the predecessor or does it fail as a successor? Watch to find out! Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:  


Review | Destiny

by Jeffrey Harrison October 8, 2014
Bungie’s long-awaited, highly anticipated, online first-person shooter, Destiny, is finally here. Its publisher, Activision, created a massive amount of hype for Destiny and boasts a budget of $500 million dollars. So, does the game live up to the hype? The simple answer is no. However, it’s still a good game, and it constantly keeps me coming […]
P4AU_Review_Screens (12)

Review| Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

by Rachael Wardon October 8, 2014
When the beloved Persona series of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise made the jump from RPG to fighting game in 2012, fans like myself were both excited and a bit hesitant. Not only was Persona 4 Arena a complete genre shift, but P4A promised the meeting of the cast from both Persona 4 and 3. […]

Review: Wasteland 2

by JP Curzion October 8, 2014
Wasteland 2 is the game I wished Fallout 3 would have been. That’s not to say that that Fallout 3 was a bad game; I had a lot of fun playing it, but the shitty FPS platform was a turn off for me. Wasteland 2 is a turn-based RPG with tactics-style combat similar to X-COM: […]