GGTV – Far Cry 4 Sneak Peak with Dan Hay

by Steve Masterson October 14, 2014
Follow us at to get your questions answered at our next interview! Dan Hay, Executive Producer at Ubisoft talks about some of his favorite features and moment in developing Far Cry 4 and even addresses the question about resolution parity.

Preview | Resident Evil gets infected with high definition

by David Pooleon October 10, 2014
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GGTV – The Crew Preview with Julian Gerighty

by Steve Masterson September 25, 2014
Follow us at to get your questions answered at our next interview! Julian Gerighty, Creative Director at Ubisoft gives us all the skinny on Ubisoft’s newest MMO racing game, The Crew, including details about the mixed AI/Human competitive gameplay and how Factions and the level caps work.


Time Glitch Jammers Kickstarter Trailer

by ohnoroboon September 21, 2014
We here at Ohnorobo have this exclusive first look at the new tower defense game called TIME GLITCH JAMMERS! Ever wanted to take control of a chicken-slaying raptor while your best friend creates the greatest game ever made? Of course you do! We got a chance to play the beta version of this very unique and […]

Ryse Son of Rome PC Preview

by Dragos Dobreon September 20, 2014
This summer, Microsoft’s Xbox One lost two of its most important exclusive titles. The first one was Dead Rising 3, a quite awful port of the game with numerous in-game issues especially for nVidia video cards owners, and the second one is Ryse Son of Rome. While Crytek’s port of Ryse is not yet released, […]

Forza Horizon 2 Preview – More Than Racing

by Dragos Dobreon September 17, 2014
Xbox One users have now the great opportunity to try out the new Forza Horizon 2 demo ahead of the game’s official release date. As an avid gamer, I couldn’t say no to this great offer — and I found myself downloading the 10GB demo for the upcoming racing title. But why so much space for […]

Shadow of Mordor 1

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Preview

by Jeffrey Harrison September 14, 2014
Warner Bros. Interactive and Monolith Productions brought a playable for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor to this week’s GameStop Expo. This title has been one of my most anticipated games of the year. However, I have been cautiously optimistic because, in the past, players have frequently been burned by licensed titles. That aside, I was very […]
WWE 2K15 Angry Cena

WWE 2K15 Preview

by Jeffrey Harrison September 13, 2014
This week, at the GameStop, I finally got the chance to play WWE 2K15. WWE 2K15 is one of my most anticipated releases this year, so I have been eager to pick up and play the game. As I have noted in the past, I have been concerned with the lack of actual footage and […]
MK X - 1

Mortal Kombat X Preview

by Jeffrey Harrison September 13, 2014
Warner Bros. Interactive brought over Mortal Kombat X to the 2014 GameStop Expo, and I was very excited to play the game. As a PlayStation fanatic, I was very happy to see the playable demo for the PlayStation 4 on display at the convention. I got the chance to see the behind-closed-doors preview at the […]

Each ship utilizes different weapons.

Preview | Kromaia

by Charlie Grammeron August 25, 2014
Recently I was able to get my hands on a preview build for Kraken Empire’s upcoming title, Kromaia. This is a space shooter that utilizes a unique control scheme that the developers tout as “six degrees of freedom”. What this means is that your ship is extremely maneuverable, allowing you to travel up, down, left, right, […]
Venture into the Realm of the Odd Gods.

Preview | Tri

by Charlie Grammeron August 18, 2014
ADVERTISEMENT Tri is an upcoming first person 3D puzzle game developed by Rat King Entertainment. This title initially started out as a Ludum dare competition entry, being originally developed by Jana and Friedrich in just 48 hours. The interest the title drew convinced the developers to turn it into a full game, fleshing out every […]

Evolve | Kraken Gameplay Preview

by Jeffrey Harrison August 15, 2014
During this year’s Comic-Con International, I got a chance to play Evolve for the Xbox One at Microsoft’s Xbox Lounge. Previously, I got a crack at the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. However, that was the Windows PC version, and I did not get to play as the character I really wanted to try, […]