GGTV E3 2014 – Performance Designed Products with Jacob Strouckel

by Steve Masterson June 13, 2014
Jacob Strouckel Marketing Services Manager at Performance Designed Products show us their new wireless headphone as well as the Gamecube style controllers for Wii U.

Roccat announces Sova laptop peripheral

by Adam Larckon June 10, 2014
Roccat has revealed its newest laptop accessory at E3. The Sova combines a wireless keyboard and mousepad for gaming comfort on a couch. “Sova is the option for gamers wishing to expand their arena without sacrificing gaming experience,” says René Korte, ROCCAT founder and CEO.  “Platforms like Steam are fantastic, but the experience can be […]
The PlayStation Vita TV, as it was marketed in Japan last year.

E3 2014: Sony reveals the PlayStation TV

by Charlie Grammeron June 10, 2014
As the title says, today Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has introduced the PlayStation TV, which is billed as “an affordable entertainment system that will enable users to easily enjoy various game content and PlayStation 4 remote play on their TV at home”. This new product will come in black and be available in North America, […]


Apple unveils OS X Yosemite; releases this fall

by Ramon Arandaon June 2, 2014
Apple today revealed its latest OS X, with OS X Yosemite. The latest operating system uses a tweaked user interface, with windows being translucent, as they’ll adapt to the color scheme to the image set as the wallpaper. The dock now uses icons that resemble those found on iOS 7. There is also now what […]
Cmoar Viewer to be revealed at E3.

Cmoar Personal Viewer combines 2D, 3D, VR, and AR

by Charlie Grammeron May 26, 2014
A new gadget called the Cmoar Personal Viewer will be revealed at this year’s E3 event on June 10, 2014. This gadget will combine 2D and 3D cinema into one, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality, making it the first one of its kind. The Cmoar company released a teaser today presenting the main […]
r5 console

The RetroN 5 Will FINALLY Be Release June 6

by killatiaon May 22, 2014
  That’s not a random stranger in front of a bunch of boxes. That’s Chris Gallizzi, Hyperkin’s Product Developer! And in those boxes are what should be the RetroN 5, Hyperkin’s flagship clone system that can play 5 different retro gaming consoles (NES, Famicom, Snes, Genesis, and the entire Gameboy line) and there imported game versions as […]

kone xtd

Review | Roccat offers solid PC equipment for gamers

by Adam Larckon May 1, 2014
When PC gamers think of PC accessories, their thoughts normally go quickly to Razer, and for good reason. For years, Razer has been the pinnacle of mice, keyboards and more for gamers. Now, though, a strong contender has risen up with high-quality equipment. Roccat, while it’s product library isn’t as diverse as Razer, has plenty […]
Thad Google Glass - GVU AR

Will wearing Google Glass make you a douche?

by Ramon Arandaon April 25, 2014
Here are a few tips on how not to look like a Glasshole in public.

PS4 gamers getting P12 headset from Turtle Beach

by Adam Larckon April 10, 2014
Turtle Beach is showing off a new PS4 headset this weekend at PAX East. The Ear Force P12 headset is set to hit July 10 for $59.95. It is being designed for both the PS4 and Vita. “Consumers associate the Turtle Beach brand with high-quality, feature-rich gaming headsets,” said Juergen Stark, Chief Executive Officer of Parametric […]

Unreal Engine 4.1 update includes a host of new features.

Unreal Engine 4.1 update adds in Linux and SteamOS support

by Charlie Grammeron April 4, 2014
That’s right, Unreal Engine fans, the 4.1 update will now allow you to package your games in order to deploy them to SteamOS and Linux. The developers do note in the blog that for the latter you will need to grab the source code and compile it. In addition to this added support the update […]

Apple announces WWDC 14 for June 2

by Ramon Arandaon April 3, 2014
Apple has finally announced the dates for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will take place at Moscone West in San Francisco from June 2-6. The company says that WWDC 14 will feature over 100 sessions and will highlight the future of iOS and OS X. “We have the most amazing developer community in the world and have […]
Oculus acquires a new chief scientist.

Michael Abrash leaves Valve

by Charlie Grammeron March 28, 2014
The man who was apparently leading Valve’s virtual reality research (you may recall his Steam Dev Days speech in January, but if not you can see it in the below video) has decided to leave the company, we’ve learned.  Why would he do that, you ask? He was offered the position of chief scientist over at Oculus. Mr. […]