Mercenary Kings joins PS+ lineup.

North American April PlayStation Plus offerings revealed

by Charlie Grammeron March 28, 2014
If you’ve been waiting to hear what you can look forward to from Sony’s PlayStation Plus service in April (and you live in North America), today’s the day you find out. It turns out that we’ll be getting six pretty decent games next month. The game to kick things off will be a PlayStation 4 […]

MLB.TV launches on the PS4 and Xbox One

by Ramon Arandaon March 28, 2014
MLB Advanced Media has today launched the MLB.TV app on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  It’s perfect timing, as today, fans can take advantage of a free two-day preview, with the conclusion of Spring Training. Beginning today and ending on Saturday, fans can watch any of the 19 remaining Spring Training games, which […]
Take the role of a Templar in upcoming Assassin's Creed game.

Assassin’s Creed: Comet allows you to play as a Templar

by Charlie Grammeron March 27, 2014
We’ve already shared what information we’ve received so far on the upcoming current-generation Assassin’s Creed title, however we haven’t received much info on the game set to release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Assassin’s Creed: Comet. Today we’ve learned a few more details about this game. It will take place in and around 1758, starring a sailor by the […]

New trailer released.

New Watch Dogs trailer revealed

by Charlie Grammeron March 27, 2014
Another day comes and goes and Ubisoft decides to release a brand new Watch Dogs trailer. The new trailer is all about welcoming you, the player/hacker to the city the game takes place in, Chicago. Okay, maybe that’s not all the trailer’s about. It does show off some rather interesting things that you’ll be able […]
Enemy Fronts

Gameplay trailer for Enemy Front

by Ramon Arandaon March 27, 2014
Namco Bandai today released a new gameplay trailer for Enemy Front, which is being developed by CI Games for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The new trailer features the game’s sniping, stealth and shooting gameplay. Enemy Front is set for a summer release.
The Original Optimus Prime is back "By popular demand".

Rise of the Dark Spark to tell the story of multiple Optimus Primes

by Charlie Grammeron March 26, 2014
If one Optimus Prime isn’t enough to sate your robot needs then you’ll be pleased to hear that there won’t simply be one in the upcoming game, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. There won’t even be two. No, there will be three different Optimus Primes as the game combines three continuities. While the original […]

New trailer shows off a few new tricks.

Ubisoft shows off new Trials Fusion trailer

by Charlie Grammeron March 26, 2014
If you’ve been wanting to see more of Ubisoft’s upcoming Trials Fusion then you’ll be pleased to hear that they’ve officially posted a new trailer, which can be found below. This trailer shows off about what you’d expect from the game, namely several new tricks that you will be able to perform thanks to the […]
Child of Light to be playable at PAX East.

Ubisoft reveals PAX East lineup

by Charlie Grammeron March 26, 2014
The first major player to reveal their PAX East lineup is none other than Ubisoft. They will be showing off a brand new demo for Watch Dogs, although fans won’t be able to actually play it. They also state that there will be an experience where you can “see through the lens of a hacker”. In addition […]
What would Assassin's Creed: Unity look like in Unreal Engine 4?

Mapper decides to show what an Assassin’s Creed: Unity scene would look like in Unreal Engine 4.

by Charlie Grammeron March 25, 2014
Christian Hecht, after seeing the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, began wondering just what the ballroom shown in the trailer would look like in another engine, specifically Unreal Engine 4. To sate his curiosity he decided to take the weekend to replicate the ballroom in the engine. The results can be […]

Kenshin and Shishio join J-Stars Victory Vs.

J-Stars Victory Vs. trailer and character list

by Charlie Grammeron March 25, 2014
If you’re a fan of fighting games and/or anime, then you’ll probably be at least a bit interested in J-Stars Victory Vs., a game which pits your favorite Shonen Jump characters against each other. The character list includes spans 32 different series and contains a total of 52 characters from each. Three characters from the […]
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Activision launching exclusive Skylanders figures for McDonald’s Happy Meals

by Ramon Arandaon March 24, 2014
For all you Skylanders SWAP Force players, who happen to enjoy some McDonald’s from time to time, Activision is teaming up wih the fast food chain to launch exclusive Skylanders figurines for Happy Meals. The exclusive toys will be available from March 28-April 24 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and there will be eight […]
Upcoming update to allow you to dim the bright light on your DS4.

Upcoming firmware will allow you to dim the light bar on the Dualshock 4

by Charlie Grammeron March 21, 2014
Geoff Keighly of Spike TV recently stated on Twitter that he had interviewed “YOSP”,  or Shuhei Yoshida, and that he had learned that an upcoming firmware update will allow you to turn off the light bar on the Dualshock 4 controller. Fans who read this were excited, until Mr. Yoshida himself decided to reply to the […]