NIS proudly announces that Ar nosurge will receive a special limited edition.

Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Limited Edition heads to North America

by Charlie Grammeron July 11, 2014
Today NIS America was happy to announce that Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, the RPG developed by Gust and published (and localized) in North America by Koei Tecmo , will be receiving a special limited edition on September 23, 2014. This special edition will contain the game for PS3, a full color, hardcover […]

NIS America reveals new screens for Danganronpa 2

by Charlie Grammeron July 11, 2014
If you enjoyed the twisted mystery adventure game that NIS America had released on Vita earlier in the year, Danganronpa, then you were most likely excited when NIS revealed their plans to bring the sequel, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Stateside as well. Recently they’ve decided to unveil some new screens for lNIS America is pleased to […]

Sony is releasing a special edition Frozen PlayStation 4

by Tatiana Dinuon July 11, 2014
A new model of PlayStation 4 will be released in Japan by Sony. This special edition is called Frozen PlayStation 4 and it has on its front the two main characters from the movie: Anna and Elsa. You can see a picture of the new console above, with the custom Frozen art work. Unfortunately if you want […]

Who will win the Cover Vote for Madden NFL 15?

EA introducing The Gauntlet mode in Madden NFL 15

by Ramon Arandaon July 11, 2014
EA has today released a new gameplay video of Madden NFL 15, which showcases a new training mode in the game called The Gauntlet.  This new mode, which is part of the Skill Trainer in the game, challenges players to conquer 40 levels of drills, which includes a sort of boss battle, such as one […]
EU takes on NA once again.

PlayStation Plus Battles: NA vs. EU (7-10-14)

by Charlie Grammeron July 10, 2014
The two regions enter the boxing ring once again, each determined to prove their superiority for the month. Regular readers may recall the result of last week’s fight, but for those who do not (or those who are new), North America won with a knockout blow. North America enters the ring, cocky and sure that […]

From the makers of Borderlands comes Battleborn!

by David Pooleon July 10, 2014
2K Games has announced Battleborn, a new first person shooter battle arena game that pits players against mobs of enemies and offers quick player progression, giving a somewhat different spin on the MOBA genre.  Gearbox Software, the makers of the Borderlands series, will be developing this new IP for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, […]

Defenders of Eorzea is now live.

Defenders of Eorzea patch now live

by Charlie Grammeron July 8, 2014
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s 2.3 patch, titled Defenders of Eorzea, has gone live today. This patch offers players a number of new dungeons, new quests, skills, side-quests, and the anticipated Chocobo Raising and Housing features. In addition to these features, Defenders of Eorzea features a three-faction PVP mode called Frontline. This mode allows […]

Destiny beta set to begin on July 17

by Ramon Arandaon July 8, 2014
Activision and Bungie have announced that the beta for Destiny is finally set to begin on July 17 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, while Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners can begin playing it on July 23. The beta will then go offline from July 21 – July 22 and open back up […]
beyond two souls

Is Beyond: Two Souls Coming to PlayStation 4?

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon July 8, 2014
Quantic Dream‘s Beyond: Two Souls could be released on PlayStation 4, as The Last of Us Remastered will be an the end of this month. The rumours started after two different Swiss retail websites have listed the game for sale. Both Alcom and World of Games have Beyond: Two Souls listed for release on PlayStation […]

watch dogs

New Watch Dogs content is live

by Charlie Grammeron July 3, 2014
Recently Ubisoft revealed new single player content for their open world action game, Watch Dogs. This content is currently live on all platforms and includes three new missions, new weapons, and new perks and bonuses. The first mission is The Palace. A police raid is planned on an Internet mogul’s luxury palace, whose databanks have […]
North American PS+ members get Muramasa: Rebirth while EU members get LEGO Batman 2.

PlayStation Plus battles: NA vs. EU (7-3-14)

by Charlie Grammeron July 3, 2014
The two regions step back into the boxing ring, having run into a tie in June, with North America winning two rounds and the EU winning two. Both combatants are determined to not let this month become a repeat, aiming to take the boxing victory of the month for themselves. The EU, having won the […]
PES 2015 pic 2

Konami Reveals First Details on PES 2015

by Sean Garmeron July 3, 2014
Today, Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. announced the first details for PES 2015. The developers plan on elevating on-field realism to all-new levels as they attempt to recreate the feeling associated with being part of a crucial top-flight match. PES 2015 is centered on the mantra “the pitch is ours.” Through the combined efforts of the […]