Dragon Fin Soup places you in the role of a cheerful, yet alcoholic Red Robin.

Grimm Bros announces the outstanding success of their Dragon Fin Soup Kickstarter

by Charlie Grammeron April 15, 2014
Today the five-man development team known as the Indie studio Grimm Bros was proud to reveal that their Kickstarter campaign for Dragon Fin Soup has successfully given them 500% of their funding goal. They were asking for a mere $24,000, but received a total of $119,719 in pledges, successfully unlocking nine of their stretch goals. The game, which is set in […]
You will explore the beautiful world of Lemuria as you attempt to save the celestial bodies.

New Child of Light trailer shows off the beautiful environments of Lemuria

by Charlie Grammeron April 15, 2014
Ubisoft has today provided gamers eagerly awaiting their upcoming Child of Light a brand new trailer, which gives us a look at the beautiful environments that are in the world of Lemuria. For those that haven’t been following the news regarding Ubisoft’s upcoming title, the developers state, “Child of Light centers around Aurora, a girl from […]

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars review

by Charlie Grammeron April 15, 2014
Over the past week I’ve been engrossed in the newest RPG developed by Spike Chunsoft and brought over to our shores by Atlus, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. The game, for those unaware, is a turn-based RPG that some have compared to the ever-popular Persona series. Though it is the second game in […]

soul sac

Soul Sacrifice Delta hitting Vita in May

by Adam Larckon April 14, 2014
Soul Sacrifice Delta is coming stateside next month. The action-RPG on the Vita will release on May 13 in North America, and in Europe on May 14. The game adds new quests, areas and spells to the previous campaign, and also gives a third option beside saving or sacrificing enemies. You can see a trailer […]
Capture Creator now live, double money and RP event extended.

GTA Online Capture Creator Update is now live

by Charlie Grammeron April 11, 2014
Today the Creator community can create their very own original Capture Jobs, thanks to the update that went live earlier. The Creators will be able to tweak several settings, from pick-up and drop-off locations to weaponry, vehicles, and more. In order to entice more gamers, Rockstar is giving the Creator community the opportunity to win […]

Romanian retailer lists Grand Theft Auto 5 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

by Calin Dumitriuon April 11, 2014
Grand Theft Auto 5 was released last year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Since then there have many rumors and speculation suggesting that the game will make an appearance on other platforms, but publisher Rockstar Games has refused to make an official statement about this information. Today, the game was listed for PlayStation 4 […]

There Came an Echo features talent such as Wil Wheaton.

Iridium releases the very first trailer for upcoming game, There Came an Echo

by Charlie Grammeron April 10, 2014
For those unaware of who Iridium Studios is, they were the developer of the critically acclaimed Sequence. Today they have released the first official trailer for their upcoming voice-controlled, squad-based strategy game, There Came an Echo, which can be seen below. In addition to the trailer, they have revealed that the game will be receiving a PlayStation […]
Last of Us movie confirmed to be in production.

The Last of Us Remastered For PS4 Gets Trailer

by Robert Craciunon April 10, 2014
You’ve probably heard the exciting news that The Last of Us is coming for PS4 by now so you must be pumped in anticipation by now, especially if you didn’t play the PS3 version but own a PS4. The new edition will feature a staggering 1080p resolution and remastered visuals in order to make this […]
Naughty Dog mulling over the possibility of The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us confirmed for the PS4

by Ramon Arandaon April 9, 2014
Sony has today confirmed that The Last of Us is coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year. The “Remastered” version will include the Abandoned Territories Map Pack, Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, and the critically The Last of Us: Left Behind Single Player campaign. Sony says that the PS4 version will be in full 1080p, […]

The Exquisite Edition of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle demo released on PlayStation Network

by Charlie Grammeron April 9, 2014
That’s right, JoJo fans, the new game by Namco Bandai, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle has received a new demo on the PlayStation Network. This demo includes three playable characters, namely Caesar A. Zeppeli, Jotaro Kujo, and Dio Brando. You can utilize these characters in three fights against the computer, and if you’re wondering if […]
Deception IV provides sadistic fun.

Deception IV: Blood Ties review

by Charlie Grammeron April 9, 2014
Tecmo Koei released the very first Deception game, Tecmo’s Deception on the original PlayStation. Since then they continued working on the unique series, bringing us Deception II, Trapt, and now Blood Ties, which available as a cross-buy title for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. In the latest game you take on the role of Laegrinna, […]
Enemy Front limited edition details revealed.

CI Games and BANDAI NAMCO announces Limited Edition for Enemy Front

by Charlie Grammeron April 8, 2014
Today BANDAI NAMCO and CI Games (which, for those unaware, is a fast-growing international publisher and developer) have announced that Enemy Front will be receiving a new Limited Edition on June 10, 2014. This special edition of the game will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStaiton 3, and PC on June 10, and will […]