Humongous Entertainment classics arrive on Steam.

Night Dive Studios brings 28 Humongous Entertainment titles to Steam

by Charlie Grammeron April 17, 2014
Today the classic games developer which specializes in the restoration and optimization of retro classic titles, Night Dive Studios, and Tommo, Inc., a global game and entertainment company, have revealed that 28 classic Humongous Entertainment titles will be arriving on Steam. Six of these 28 classic titles were released today. These are Putt-Putt Joins the Parade, […]
Metroid's Secret Worlds: Intentionally added into the game, or a mere glitch?

Gamebusters myth 22: Metroid’s Secret Worlds

by Charlie Grammeron April 10, 2014
Welcome back to our weekly series in which we track down gaming myths and attempt to debunk them. This week I’ll be fielding a request about the classic Nintendo Entertainment System title, Metroid. For those unaware, there are rumors that you can enter a variety of “Secret worlds” in this game. These worlds can be […]

Nintendo announces new digital content

by Tim St. Croixon April 10, 2014
So here is the rollout of the hotness: For the Virtual Console on Wii U : Kirby & The Amazing Mirror – April is a month to remember with classic games launching each week! Summon Red, Yellow and Green Kirby to help you solve puzzles, fight enemies or take out the big baddies. Use copy abilities such as the […]

Can you shut the dog up by shooting him?

Gamebusters myth 21: Shoot the dog in Duck Hunt

by Charlie Grammeron April 4, 2014
Welcome to another of our weekly Gamebusters series. This week we’ll be tackling yet another rumor based on a classic Nintendo game, Duck Hunt. This game, some younger gamers may not realize, came with a gun accessory for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The dog on the screen helped flush out ducks, which you would […]
Guy obtains lowest score possible in Super Mario Bros.

Gamer sets new record for lowest score obtained in Super Mario Bros

by Charlie Grammeron February 20, 2014
Many gamers compete to see who can obtain the highest score possible in a game. The player in the video below decided to take an alternate route and try to beat the classic game Super Mario Bros with the lowest score possible without continuing. This run was allegedly performed without the use of any tools […]
Will beating Blue Sphere in Sonic and Knuckles unlock something awesome?

Gamebusters myth 14: Beating Blue Sphere unlocks something awesome

by Charlie Grammeron February 14, 2014
Last week we looked at a myth surrounding the popular RPG Earthbound. This week we’ll be looking at a rumor surrounding Sega’s blue mascot, Sonic. For those unaware, Sonic and Knuckles is rather famous for the lock-on feature of its cartridge. This allowed gamers who inserted Sonic 3 into the Sonic and Knuckles cartridge to […]

Dungeon Keeper Gold free for a limited time. gives away Dungeon Keeper Gold for 48 hours

by Charlie Grammeron February 14, 2014
If you’re one of the gamers that despises the recently released Dungeon Keeper Mobile, the free-to-play version of the game, then you may be happy to hear that the folks over at have decided to give away free copies of Dungeon Keeper Gold for 48 hours starting on today, Valentine’s Day.’s official promotion announcement states, […]
super retro 64

Gaming with Killatia Super Retro 64 Wireless Controller

by killatiaon February 2, 2014
Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at an interesting controller for the Classic Nintendo 64. What makes this controller so special? Its a wireless controller for a retro console that surprisingly works well. Website: Facebook: Twitter:
Sony utilizes Gaikai to create PlayStation Remix.

PlayStation Remix patent surfaces

by Charlie Grammeron January 3, 2014
It seems that Sony may be looking at providing a cloud-based emulation service, according to a patent that cropped up yesterday. This patent, discovered by our friends at IGameResponsibly, is described as “methods providing developers to ‘quite easily’ create mini-games within cloud-based, emulated legacy titles. It’s called ‘Suspending State of Cloud-based Legacy Applications. The present disclosure is […]

Double Dragon

3D Ecco the Dolphin, Double Dragon hit the eShop

by Ramon Arandaon December 12, 2013
Nintendo’s weekly downloadable games update on the eShop has gotten itself a few interesting titles today. The Nintendo 3DS now has 3D Ecco the Dolphin and 3D Galaxy Force II available, while old school fans will also be happy to know that Double Dragon has also made it onto the eShop for both the 3DS […]
FF V battle theme recreated via floppy drives.

Man plays Final Fantasy V battle theme on eight floppy drives

by Charlie Grammeron December 2, 2013
Floppy drives these days aren’t really used much anymore. But did you know that they aren’t exactly useless even if you don’t have floppy discs? This is the idea that MrSolidSnake745 (via Kotaku) seemed to take when he decided to upload a rather unique video. This video shows him utilizing the floppy drives in a new […]

The Retron 5 Will Not Be Making Its Dec.10 Release, Delayed Until Q1 2014

by killatiaon November 27, 2013
  It is my sad duty to announce that the Retron 5, the 5 in 1 retro gaming system, has been delayed until the first quarter of 2014. Hyperkin, the company behind the system, stated that they discovered faulty pins in some units  and this delay will help them fix the problem so that gamers will […]