Preview | World of Tanks 9.0 New Frontiers

by Tim St. Croixon April 17, 2014
For World of Tanks 2014 is the year of transition. Starting with game update 9.0, titled New Frontiers, they plan to release a plethora of content throughout the year. With a focus on heavily updating the graphics and models, but not raising the pc requirements, WoT has proven itself as a triple A title, using […]
The live Q&A event will be preceded by a 30 minute LP of Tesla Effect. founder and veteran employees to host Live Community Q&A on Twitch

by Charlie Grammeron April 15, 2014
As they had promised last month to their users, Marcin Iwinski, the founder of, Trevor Longino, the head of PR and marketing, and Piotr Karwowski, the VP of online technologies, will be answering community questions during a livestreamed Q&A that will be posted on the company’s channel. The employees in charge of this […]
Dragon Fin Soup places you in the role of a cheerful, yet alcoholic Red Robin.

Grimm Bros announces the outstanding success of their Dragon Fin Soup Kickstarter

by Charlie Grammeron April 15, 2014
Today the five-man development team known as the Indie studio Grimm Bros was proud to reveal that their Kickstarter campaign for Dragon Fin Soup has successfully given them 500% of their funding goal. They were asking for a mere $24,000, but received a total of $119,719 in pledges, successfully unlocking nine of their stretch goals. The game, which is set in […]

Comcast narrowly beats Monsanto in WCiA 2014.

“Congratulations,” Comcast, you’ve won the title of Worst Company in America for 2014!

by Charlie Grammeron April 10, 2014
Though it was a difficult battle Comcast emerged this year’s “victor” of the Worst Company in America. They had to take on several tough competitors, such as Verizon in the quarterfinals and SeaWorld in the semifinals, but they continued on, believing that they deserved the shiny golden turd trophy more than anybody else in the […]

Nintendo announces new digital content

by Tim St. Croixon April 10, 2014
So here is the rollout of the hotness: For the Virtual Console on Wii U : Kirby & The Amazing Mirror – April is a month to remember with classic games launching each week! Summon Red, Yellow and Green Kirby to help you solve puzzles, fight enemies or take out the big baddies. Use copy abilities such as the […]
The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior passes away at 54

by Ramon Arandaon April 9, 2014
A legend has died. It is with great sadness that we report that the Ultimate Warrior has passed away at the age of 54, according to the WWE, only one day after giving a final and heartfelt speech at Monday Night Raw. Only two days prior, Warrior (which he legally had changed his name to) […]

Sony partners with Top Rank Boxing.

PlayStation is now the official gaming partner of Top Rank Boxing

by Charlie Grammeron April 8, 2014
Today Sony has announced a partnership with Top Rank Boxing, which is the world’s leading boxing promotions company. Top Rank will be featuring Sony’s PlayStation 4 system (and the PlayStation brand in general) at several of their premier events, including the upcoming World Welterweight Championship rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradly. When asked for a comment, Guy Longworth, […]
Halo receives a six episode TV series.

Microsoft thinks about making Fable, Age of Empires, Gears of War, and Forza into TV series

by Charlie Grammeron April 7, 2014
Lately Microsoft’s Xbox team has been betting pretty heavily on television. For those wondering what I mean by this, the company has decided to commit to six original TV shows. These will include a Halo series from Stephen Spielberg, a robot thriller, Humans, a reality show program focusing on street soccer ahead of the […]
StoryBundle Game 3.0

Grab A Bundle of Game Books for Cheap at StoryBundle

by Josh Boykinon April 7, 2014
You’ve probably already heard of game bundle sites like Humble Bundle and Indie Royale where you can get tons of games on the cheap while also sending some money to a worthy charity. There are now TONS of bundle sites out there for all kinds of media, and StoryBundle just launched their third Video Game […]


Wreck-It Ralph sequel in works

by Adam Larckon April 7, 2014
It looks like fans of the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph can expect more soon. While talking to Collider, movie composer Henry Jackman said a sequel is in the works, but doesn’t know much else. “I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards. I […]
Square Collective experiences a successful pilot.

Square Collective opens up after successful pilot phase

by Charlie Grammeron April 4, 2014
The Square Collective is now open for all developers to submit their original game ideas, thanks to a successful pilot phase. Now teams can access the site’s CMS and upload pitches which, after being submitted and checked against the submission criteria, could end up being published on the platform. Phil Elliott, project lead, stated, “The pilot phase […]

Planned Atari dig in Alamogordo clears one hurdle

by Charlie Grammeron April 4, 2014
Back in December we spoke about the rumor that Atari had buried games in a New Mexico landfill. It had turned out to be a true story and now three companies are planning to dig in an Alamogordo landfill in search of E.T., widely considered to be one of, if not the, worst video games ever […]