Uncharted Movie Dated for 2016

Uncharted Movie Dated for 2016

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon July 24, 2014
The Uncharted film has a release date, Sony Pictures Entertainment saying that the movie adaptation of the famous games series will hit cinemas on June 10th, 2016. With Seth Gordon as director, known for Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief movies, the filming schedule will begin early next year. Until then a new actor must be cast for […]

Halo: Nightfall’s Lead Character Revealed – Meet Agent Locke

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon July 24, 2014
Halo franchise is prepared to take the next step and become the next great TV series, as Microsoft announced last year. Until Steven Spielberg will finish his work as an executive producer of the first live-action television series of Halo, another great director – Ridley Scott – will have a word to say about the […]
A shot from the upcoming documentary.

A Tale of Internet Spaceships premieres on July 11

by Charlie Grammeron June 16, 2014
The indie documentary about the online science Fiction game, EVE Online, will premiere on July 11, 2014, Sorgenfri Productions has revealed today. The documentary, titled A Tale of Internet Spaceships, was filmed during a fan convention in Reykjavik back in April 2013, and aims to give viewers an in-depth look at what, exactly, makes EVE Online […]

Ridley Scott’s ‘Halo’ Digital Casts Mike Colter as Its First Star

Ridley Scott’s ‘Halo’ Digital Casts Mike Colter as Its First Star

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon May 16, 2014
Ridley’s Scott’s Halo “digital feature” captured its first Spartan. According to a report on The Wrap, Mike Colter will play Marlowe who is described as “rising star in a futuristic army who is troubled by aspects of the military industrial complex he inhabits. Approaching combat situations with caution and logic, he inspires loyalty in his […]

RRPG Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Movie Review!)

by RRPGon May 15, 2014
I usually don’t do movie reviews, but this was a movie I couldn’t pass up doing one. I went and saw the Amazing Spider-Man 2, a couple weeks back, and I want to share what I thought of the whole thing. Let me know if you saw the movie, and if you saw it, then […]
Last of Us movie confirmed to be in production.

Sony is creating a Last of Us movie

by Charlie Grammeron March 6, 2014
When speaking about the possibility of a sequel last month, it was hinted that we may be getting a movie based off the popular game, The Last of Us. Well, Sony has confirmed today that it will indeed be making such a movie. Sony and Naughty Dog teams up with Screen Gems in order to […]

Diancie to be star of upcoming movie.

Mysterious Pokémon to be star of upcoming movie

by Charlie Grammeron February 11, 2014
A while back some gamers discovered that there were three Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y’s code that were unaccounted for in-game. Today we’ve learned that one of these three will be the star of an upcoming Pokémon movie. Note: If you want to avoid being spoiled on upcoming, possibly even legendary event Pokémon, stop […]

CMG to unveil footage of the Ratchet & Clank movie next month

by Ramon Arandaon January 22, 2014
Rainmaker Entertainment and Blockade Entertainment have teamed up with Cinema Management Group (CMG) to get the 3D CG animated movie based on Ratchet & Clank to Berlin. CMG will be unveiling new footage of the upcoming movie at next month’s European Film Market in Germany. The film is already well into production and is set […]
Devil Baby

Holy crap, that’s a scary ass baby

by Ramon Arandaon January 15, 2014
As part of an amazing publicity stunt for the upcoming film Devil’s Due, an animatronic “devil baby” was created and was sent out on the streets of New York City to cause havoc and scare the begeezus out of anyone who dared get near it. Check out the video above, and prepare to laugh your […]

My Little Pyro tells the story of TF2 characters.

Little Guardian Pyro tells the story of Team Fortress 2 characters

by Charlie Grammeron November 18, 2013
For those unaware, Valve hosts an annual machinima competition. This competition has produced several interesting videos in past years, and it seems that 2013 will not be an exception to this rule. A group of Source filmmaker animators decided to enter the competition with a short video called My Little Pyro. This video tells the […]
Hulu Plus on 3DS

eShop brings Hulu Plus to Nintendo 3DS, ‘Urban Champion’ to Wii U

by Ryan Bateson October 17, 2013
Nintendo’s eShops have been updated, and this week’s winner is definitely the 3DS. The Wii U’s eShop has some good offerings, to be sure. Wayforward released its digital-only title, Mighty Switch Force 2. The sequel to the hit download throws Planet Land into a fiery inferno, and players must take up their Infinity Dousing Apparatus […]
Zelda movie would be playable.

Any Zelda movie would have to be playable, says Eiji Aonuma

by Charlie Grammeron October 15, 2013
Gamers may remember a previous attempt at creating a movie based on a Nintendo franchise. This attempt was rather horrible, and resulted in what is widely considered one of the worst movies ever to be made. That’s right, we’re speaking of Super Mario Bros.   But what if a Legend of Zelda movie were to […]