You Me and E3
Road to E3 2014 - Contains Related GIFS

Road to E3 2014 – Contains Related GIFS

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon May 16, 2014
With less than one month until the start of 20th Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3 2014, everybody is ready to take a backseat on the Hype Train. All the three biggest players of this industry (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) have started the buzz early and have already announced the time and dates of their shows. Microsoft […]

You, Me, And E3: Nintendo…meh

by Andrew Kenton June 11, 2013
This morning it was Nintendo’s turn to show us their stuff. They showed us stuff alright, but very little was going to help them make the Wii U shine. Nintendo has been in hot water for quite some time now. Their console has not been getting the support it needs due to developers and publishers […]

You, Me, And E3: And the winner is…Kingdom Hearts

by Andrew Kenton June 11, 2013
TL;DR Sony destroyed Microsoft with Kingdom Hearts. For those of you who want to boast in the glory some more: Microsoft was dealt a devastating blow today not only by Sony, but by themselves. Yeah, a “stop hitting yourself” moment except Microsoft was really hitting themselves. I wasn’t impressed by the Microsoft event earlier today, […]


You, Me, and E3: Microsoft and the wub wubs

by Andrew Kenton June 10, 2013
A few weeks ago Microsoft revealed their new console: Xbox One. Just recently they clarified a lot about online connection, used games, and other things. Now, here at E3 they have shown us the games that will be coming to the console. Did Microsoft meet the grade? Do they even stand a chance against Sony? […]

You, Me, and E3: Newbie at E3

by Andrew Kenton June 9, 2013
It’s that time of year again. Lots of developers and publishers get together and show off their shiny new toys. That’s right, Nerdrection 2013…err I mean the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it’s more commonly called. This morning (6/9/2013) I hopped on a train and made an arduous trek down to the illustrious city […]

Disney previews ‘Infinity,’ gives sneak peek at ‘Monsters University’ and ‘Lone Ranger’

by Ryan Bateson June 9, 2013
Since the announcement of Disney Infinity the comparisons between that and Skylanders have been persistent. At Disney’s private event introducing the game system to the press, after some trials and hands-on testing, we can safely say that yes, it is a Skylanders imitation. But a fun one, and with the added pull of Disney. Hosted […]


You, Me, And E3 | MegaMonday

by Ryan Bateson June 6, 2013
Officially, the Electronic Entertainment Expo begins on a Tuesday, with this year being Tuesday, June 11. Ask any member of the press, however, and they’ll tell you that E3 week starts on Sunday with the kick-off party, generally held by a major player in the game business. (We see you, Polygon! How you doin’?) But […]

You, Me, and E3 | 4 The Win

by Ryan Bateson June 5, 2013
If E3 is an ’80 movie soundtrack, last year Sony’s theme song was Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone.” Along with Microsoft overtaking its dominance in the console market, Sony was also plagued with some high-level security breaches reaching credit cards and other sensitive information on the PlayStation Network. Sony was hard on the defensive, and the […]

You, Me, and E3 | Give Me One Good Reason

by Ryan Bateson June 3, 2013
I remember being live for the boxing website 3 More Rounds for the third bout between two of the most elite fighters at the time, Juan Manuel Marquez and the pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. A little bit of background for those who don’t follow boxing: Pacquiao was practically invincible, knockout out opponents left and right, […]


You, Me, and E3 | What I Like About U

by Ryan Bateson June 2, 2013
Depending on who you ask, Nintendo is anywhere from “firmly in the Big Three race” to “hanging in by a wrist strap.” But no matter your opinion on the Mario machine, everyone will have their eyes solidly focus on the Granddaddy of Modern Gaming at E3. But they won’t be doing it at Nokia Theatre. […]

You, Me, and E3: Day 2 — Everything from ‘All-Stars’ to ‘ZombiU’

by Ryan Bateson June 7, 2012
Kids, I am BEAT! Two full days of running around the massive E3 floor and trust me, I needed some hardcore sleep. Next year, better shoes, for sure. Saw lots of great stuff during E3. There was a ton of great exhibits there, so I’m gonna try to run down the list real quick with […]

You, Me, and E3 Day 1: U Got Me Interested…

by Ryan Bateson June 5, 2012
Well, Ramon left the tripod in the GotGameMobile, but that gives me a little time to talk about the Nintendo Press Conference, titled “Nintendo All-Access @ E3 2012.” Right now, the access has been minimal. Flashes on screens and only a little bit of gameplay. However, Nintendo promises to have a lot of hands-on interaction […]