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3 reasons why Battlefield: Hardline might fail

by Tyler Colpon June 19, 2014
Battlefield: Hardline has a lot to prove after the disaster of last year’s Battlefield 4. It may have a new developer at the helm, Visceral Games, but it’s still running on the same exact engine Battlefield 4 does. Actually, right now, it’s a little behind. The beta that is available to all PC and registered […]

The Best and Worst of the Original Game Boy

by Josh Boykinon April 30, 2014
Last week the original Game Boy celebrated its 25th birthday. A quarter of a century has treated the console and its progeny well; the portable powerhouse that is the Nintendo 3DS might have never existed without it. Heck, many of those grey bricks are still in existence and usable today! Though there were plenty of […]
Kid Icarus Uprising

Top 10 Games On The 3DS So Far

by Justin Weinblatton March 24, 2014
Soon after the 3DS launch, I glanced disappointingly towards the dust covered 3DS sitting on my desk.  I wanted desperately to enjoy the system that I paid 250 dollars for, but the games weren’t there.  How many times could I play the same missions in Pilot Wings?  How many rounds of Street Fighter IV could […]

Giga Bowser

Top 10 Mario Bosses

by Josh Boykinon March 11, 2014
Mario, Mario, Mario…Nintendo’s flagship plumber does practically everything but plumbing. As a result, his “rogue’s gallery” is quite…diverse. Turtles, ghosts, and birds might just be the most normal enemies he’s had to tackle on his way to racing/golfing/brawling/adventuring victory. In honor of the Plumber of Star Power’s most powerful foes, I present to you: Top […]
Escape From Raccoon City

Terror Is Reality – 14 Games That Would Make Awesome Halloween Attractions

by Ryan Bateson September 6, 2013
It’s now September, and you know what that means… Time for back-to-school shopping? Heck no! That started around June. Time to start picking up Christmas decorations? No! Christmas is in Decem– well actually, that’s probably right considering retail marketing. But what I was alluding to was Halloween. The happy haunting holiday which has long held […]

Top X List | Return to the GotGame Multiplex

by Ryan Bateson July 16, 2013
It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again – the temperature has reached 800,000 degrees (700,000 degrees Celsius) and the dry versus sticky heat rages like political fire. The only solace for some is an air-conditioned theater and a small Coke the size of a kindergarten student. That’s right, it’s summer blockbuster season once again, […]


Top X List | 14 People We Would Cast in a Final Fantasy VI Movie

by Ryan Bateson May 7, 2013
About a year ago, I did a Top X List of video games that should be turned into movies that don’t suck called “A Night at the GotGame Multiplex.” You guys and gals liked it so much it produced a sequel, which is awesome. This isn’t so much as a sequel as it is a […]

Top X List | You Are A Horrible Person

by Ryan Bateson April 24, 2013
You are a terrible person. No, really, you are. If GLaDOS were here, she’d probably see that in your permanent file. It’s okay, because I’m a terrible person too. See, gamers by nature are explorers. We’re curious. We’re button-pushers, box-openers and random berry-eaters. We don’t know if certain actions are going to reward us with […]

Top X List | Signs that You’re an Old School Gamer

by Ryan Bateson April 3, 2013
If you’re like me and graduated high school sometime in the 1990s, especially the back half, you were probably in that first generation where video games played a dominant role in life. Those who graduated in the 1980s, sure, they had Pong and Berserk, but it was still more of a novelty than a facet […]


Top X List | What PC Gamers Have Been Hiding From the Rest of Us

by Ryan Bateson February 18, 2013
I imagine a lot of you either have enjoyed or are currently enjoying Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. Originally released episodically via their site or through a console’s online component, the five-episode game surrounds a brand-new story more akin to the original comics than the AMC show, and has been highly-lauded, including pulling off a […]

Top X List | Days of Thunder Bolts: Best Mario Kart Tracks

by Ryan Bateson January 17, 2013
As of late, a divide is occurring in the gaming community, between gamers who look for fun and gamers who look for realism. Those who love Donkey Kong Country would likely not pick up a flight simulator, and the Call of Duty veterans would not allow themselves to be seen playing Scribblenauts. But the one […]

Top X List | You Can Quote Me On That

by Ryan Bateson September 26, 2012
Ever since the beginning of the talkies, two things have happened: men incessantly quote movies, and women continuously cringe at it most of the time. It’s a testimonial to how memorable the movie is. Exhibit A: Napoleon Dynamite. What a crap movie that was. But I often find myself telling anyone named Tina to “get […]