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Prediction on Wii U outselling the PS4 and Xbox One Was So Wrong

by Justin Weinblatton January 31, 2014
So, yeah… I wrote this in April of 2013… Preemptive I Told You So: WIi U To Outsell PS4 And XBox 720 This Holiday Season Ugh.  So… you know how analysts like Michael Pachter will make a bold and very wrong prediction, and then just whistle and look to the side when they’re called on […]

How Hollywood Envy Is Dumbing Down Gaming (Part 1)

by Justin Weinblatton January 30, 2014
Despite the staggering sales of games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty Ghosts, the gaming industry still looks towards Hollywood with envious green eyes.  Movies are everything gaming wants to be.  Movies are the dominant art form of pop culture.  Practically every man, woman, and child in the Western world watches movies.  Being […]

GotGame Truth Machine: Firing Iwara Will Not Help The Wii U

by Justin Weinblatton January 21, 2014
Nintendo has announced some pretty drastic cuts to their Wii U forecasts,  and now it is time for everyone on the internet to play April 1st CEO.  Everybody wants to talk about what they would change if they were in charge of Nintendo and how they would make the Wii U a rousing success. One […]


Can Online Gaming Be A Selling Point For The Wii U?

by Justin Weinblatton October 23, 2013
The Wii U Gamepad hasn’t had the immediate appeal of the Wii-mote, and Nintendo’s sales have been struggling accordingly.  Many people are wondering what the Wii U will be able to do to recapture the imagination of casual gamers who were enthralled by Wii Sports.  Nintendo has revealed that the next Wii Sports is errrrr… […]

Will The Wii U’s Holiday Lineup Save The System?

by Justin Weinblatton September 11, 2013
Nintendo is facing what may be its most important holiday season since 2006.  If the Wii U cannot turn its fortunes around this year, its uphill struggle is about to get much worse.  Even if the Wii U was the only new console on the market, the Wii U would have a tough time proving […]

The iPhone Is the Best Thing To Happen To The Handheld Market Since Pokemon

by Justin Weinblatton September 3, 2013
Got Game Truth Machine: The iPhone Is the Best Thing To Happen To The Handheld Market Since Pokemon   You may not be aware of this, but the dedicated handheld market is doomed. The market has been killed by the iPhone. With its free (sorta) games, its mass popularity, and the fact that everyone needs […]


GotGame Truth Machine: Why Gamers are hating on the Xbox One

by Justin Weinblatton May 23, 2013
I can’t remember ever feeling this way about a console reveal. I was underwhelmed by the PlayStation 4, flustered by the Wii U, and bemused by the PS3. When the Xbox one was revealed… I was angry. I didn’t feel excited about the Xbox One, I didn’t even feel like reveling in Microsoft’s failure, and […]