Top Three 2048 Versions Of The Week: Dropbox, Doge, Tetris

by Robert Craciunon April 22, 2014
So another week has passed since the first edition of this “top three” series (which you can find by clicking here), but I’ve got to say I’m still trying to beat that Hexagonal one. That sucker’s a long one! Anyway, here are the top three 2048 versions of this week:   Tetris: click here (mobile version: Google […]

Next-gen consoles are all about remastered games and lack of original new IPs

by Dragos Dobreon April 20, 2014
You could say that next-gen consoles are already part of our console “family”. We had them on our desks for a while now and we’ve waited for them to come out like fresh and hot bread. Both Sony and Microsoft delivered new hardware, with endless new possibilities for developers to take advantage of and build new games, […]

Is The Last of Us Remastered price justified?

by Dragos Dobreon April 20, 2014
We’re getting closer and closer to the release date of the remastered version for the award-winning PlayStation 3 exclusive title The Last of Us. If you had a PlayStation 3 and never played this game you should be ashamed, and I mean it. Despite the fact that the game’s roots are not original at all, […]

Is it possible to defeat the Running Man?

Gamebusters myth 23: Defeating the Running Man in Ocarina of Time

by Charlie Grammeron April 18, 2014
Welcome to the 23rd entry of our weekly Gamebusters series, where we track down gaming myths and attempt to debunk them. This week we’ll be examining a myth that still seems to confuse some gamers, the possibility of defeating the Running Man in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. For those unaware, there are […]

Mass Effect 3′s Ending And Gaming’s New Uncanny Valley

by Justin Weinblatton April 17, 2014
Mass Effect 3 was released nearly two years ago and was one of the finest games ever crafted…….. right up until the last 5 minutes.  For many gamers, a thoroughly amazing trilogy was decimated in 5 minutes of star child babble. Even an updated ending in the form of free DLC was not enough to […]
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The Long Haul

by Maggie Wilandon April 15, 2014
Hey kids, do you know what time it is!? That’s right UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME! And what a better way to spend this time than at Miss Maggies Mansion of Maliciously Malcontent Opinions & Synonyms! On todays program, Miss Maggie will be discussing how she feels about the length of video games. In the past, I’ve […]


Top Three 2048 Versions Of The Week: Multiplayer, Hexagonal, AI Solver

by Robert Craciunon April 15, 2014
With people now being able to create their own versions of the 2048 puzzle game, the internet and mobile markets are flooded with all kind of crazy and interesting spin-offs. So it would be a shame if some of these fun alternatives wouldn’t be promoted so here’s the (first) top three 2048 versions of the […]

The Last of Us Remastered PS4 should offer an upgrade fee

by Tyler Colpon April 14, 2014
When The Last of Us: Remastered launches on PlayStation 4 this summer, there should be more than one way to get it. The new version of last year’s game serves two types of people. People who have played the game before and are looking to play it on the PlayStation 4 where it’s said to […]

PS4 vs. Xbox One: The next-gen remaster race

by Tyler Colpon April 11, 2014
New consoles means new, exciting games. But those games can take a while to start popping up. Like previous console generations, the best games come after the first year, or at least not until the end of the first year. That leaves a drought of games to play. We jump to play games like InFamous: […]

Metroid's Secret Worlds: Intentionally added into the game, or a mere glitch?

Gamebusters myth 22: Metroid’s Secret Worlds

by Charlie Grammeron April 10, 2014
Welcome back to our weekly series in which we track down gaming myths and attempt to debunk them. This week I’ll be fielding a request about the classic Nintendo Entertainment System title, Metroid. For those unaware, there are rumors that you can enter a variety of “Secret worlds” in this game. These worlds can be […]

Sega Channel

by Maggie Wilandon April 9, 2014
Back when I was a little girl, I had this neighbor named Josh who used to babysit me, and sometimes I’d go over and play his Sega Genesis. Not because I didn’t own one, because I did (because I had no friends), but because he had Sega Channel. Sega Channel was an online game service […]
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Are we in the dark about Titanfall 360 to boost XBox One sales?

by Josh Boykinon April 8, 2014
Update: Twitter user Aggrokragg also pointed out that yesterday (4/8) Best Buy ran a one-day sale deeply discounting the XBox One and PC versions of Titanfall, but not the 360 version. In fairness, discounting a game on release day would be a little absurd, but this also helps to mask the release of the 360 […]