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Obscure Gaming: Pocket Monster Saphire Bootleg (GBC)

by Yuriofwindon April 16, 2014
Today on Obscure Gaming, we talk about Pocket Monster Saphire. That’s right, Saphire, not Sapphire. We’re entering a whole new world of Pokemon. Where it’s a strategy rpg, and where Pokemon are called Magic Babies. It’s kind of an odd world, really. If you liked the video and want to see more, feel free to […]

Corpse Party #19 Let’s Play: Welcome to the end, of Chapter 3.

by Yuriofwindon April 6, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Corpse Party, we do something I thought we’d never do, and that’s finish another chapter of this game! YEAH! And we do it all, let me tell you. Meet up with glasses, hang out with this older psycho who can lift things, which no one else can even do, for the […]

Corpse Party #18 Let’s Play: Well this place is just, lovely.

by Yuriofwindon April 5, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Corpse Party, I explore this other portion of the school! IT’S TERRIBLE OVER HERE! Seriously, god damn o_o.

Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime: Super Mario Darktime

by Yuriofwindon April 3, 2014
Today on Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime, I lay down one of Mario’s more confusing, and forgotten tales, Super Mario Darktime. The story has all your favorites, Mario, Peach, Toad looking dude, not to mention it’s barely in English! It’s like hell really! :D. Hope you enjoy :3. The, “Story”. If you liked the video and […]

Corpse Party #17 Let’s Play: This is basically the filler arc.

by Yuriofwindon April 2, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Corpse Party, I’m a moron! Which makes this a filler arc of sorts. Kind of like in Bleach, but not nearly as intrusive. Fight ruining bastards…

Corpse Party #16 Let’s Play: Congrats on making the thumbnail, Glasses

by Yuriofwindon April 1, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Corpse Party, we continue the magical world, of Corpse Party! By finding a, certain fellow, and wandering around. Oh and I do some stupid stuff…

Corpse Party #15 Let’s Play: Don’t worry Yuri, no one will even notice you’ve been gone

by Yuriofwindon March 31, 2014
Just play it off real cool and shit. It’ll all be okay you guys, I got this.

Gaming Mysteries: Mega Man Universe (PS3 / 360) Cancelled

by Yuriofwindon March 23, 2014
Today on Gaming Mysteries, I talk about the cancelled Mega Man game, Mega Man Universe. What was once a promising title from Capcom, would soon become a cancelled Mega Man game from Capcom. The Capcom standard. Today I tell you all about it :3. If you liked the video and want to see more, feel […]

Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime: Super Mario Bros 3 Transfer

by Yuriofwindon March 16, 2014
Well, after being on my hiatus, or lumphatus as we call it on the streets, I’m back, and I felt that there would be no other way to celebrate, than for us to all sit around the fire, and watch me tell you a terrible story. So today on Bullshit Creepyasta Storytime, I tell you […]

Gaming Mysteries: Fire Emblem 64 / Pocket Monsters RPG (N64) Cancelled

by Yuriofwindon February 25, 2014
Today on Gaming Mysteries, I talk about two cancelled Nintendo 64 games. Fire Emblem 64, and Pocket Monsters RPG. I also made this video, right here that you’re watching, after being super duperly ill for about two months, so, I’m back. Hi guys :3. If you liked the video and want to see more, feel […]

Gaming Mysteries: Super Mario 64 Beta Redux (N64)

by Yuriofwindon December 30, 2013
Super Mario 64 is without a doubt one of my most favorite games. It pretty much has to be by default for being the first 3D game that made sense to me, and that was just a lot of fun to play. But little did I know while I was having this so called “fun” […]

Corpse Party #14 Let’s Play: GHOST KID IS BACK!

by Yuriofwindon December 5, 2013
Today, ghost kid. I hate ghost kid. Fuck ghost kid. I googled ghost kid! And that bead thing. Bad times.