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Gaming Mysteries: Zelda The Mystical Seed of Courage (GBC) Cancelled

by Yuriofwindon July 30, 2014
Today on Gaming Mysteries, I talk about the cancelled Zelda game for the Gameboy Color, Zelda The Mystical Seed of Courage. Once it was to be the third component in what we now refer to the Oracle games, but fate said, nay. I shalt tell you all about it. If you liked the video and […]

Pokemon Yellow #5 Let’s Play: I released a rabid Zubat in the PokeCenter. I’m just saying.

by Yuriofwindon July 20, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Pokemon Yellow, we defeat Misty, and once again, take our rival Fat D down a peg or two. Also, I hope no one minds but I’m just going to let this bat out, inside the Pokemon Center. It’ll be fine, Mitchy is, crazy, but rabies shots aren’t that bad in hindsight, […]

Pokemon Yellow #4 Let’s Play: Zubatto! Everywhere.

by Yuriofwindon July 19, 2014
Yeah that was an inevitable toku reference. On, this, Let’s Play of Pokemon Yellow Part Four. The magical journey of Yuriofwind, and, a cave. And, some bats, and a Rocket. Have not confirmed the Team, yet.

Gaming Mysteries: Marvel (PS3 / 360) Cancelled

by Yuriofwindon July 17, 2014
Today on Gaming Mysteries, I thought it would be fun to do something fighting game related, so we’ll be talking about Marvel. Marvel is an unreleased fighting game that was being developed by EA Chicago, until, it was cancelled. I made a video about it :3. If you liked the video and want to see […]

Pokemon Yellow #3 Let’s Play: Hey Brock. Don’t touch me.

by Yuriofwindon July 12, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Pokemon Yellow, the bottom line is, I don’t know where Brock’s hands have been. A breeder, and a touchy person? All those germs…, awful. And I play this turned based Role Playing Game! :D.

Pokemon Yellow #2 Let’s Play: Our Toku squad gains a Torin. Birds!

by Yuriofwindon July 8, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Pokemon Yellow, we check out the west side to meet up with new rap artist, Fat D, to engage in a Pokemon Battle. Then, I luck the hell out. Go me. What’s the percent rate on that Pokemon showing up? Anyone know? :3.

Pokemon Yellow #1 Let’s Play: Well, this was going to happen eventually. Realistically :3.

by Yuriofwindon July 7, 2014
A Pokemon Let’s Play? How do you keep up with the times, and stay so original, Yuriofwind? You ask. I, don’t really know, but, I like the Pokemanz, and unlike Corpse Party, this game won’t ruin my day. Hope you enjoy :3.

Corpse Party #36 Let’s Play: Hey! It’s you! Hows school going? :3

by Yuriofwindon July 4, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Corpse Party, so many exciting things happen, you won’t even believe it. We’re underground, meet a stranger, a dead person, hide under a table, think about throwing Yuka out a window. All these things.

Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime: Haunted Ocarina of Time

by Yuriofwindon July 1, 2014
Today on Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime, I tell the tale of Haunted Ocarina of Time. A Zelda creepypasta that takes no nonsense, and is all about getting to the point, by not getting to the point, at all. Damn. I hope you enjoy! ^-^ The Story: If you liked the video and want to see […]

Corpse Party #35 Let’s Play: Look, none of you can fly! Stop trying!

by Yuriofwindon June 27, 2014
Gravity is a very complicated system on Let’s Play Corpse Party. Take note, you walk off roof, you fall. Didn’t work out for you, did it? As said by me today, Amen. Oh, and a video game gets played.

Corpse Party #34 Let’s Play: All this death, it’s, almost a party in here! Of Corpses!

by Yuriofwindon June 25, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Corpse Party, death. Yeah I know, unexpected turn of events for the game full of rainbows, but it happened. Also the story is truly fascinating, regardless of my complaints about the gameplay :3.

Corpse Party #33 Let’s Play: You bastard.

by Yuriofwindon June 24, 2014
Today on Let’s Play Corpse Party, I may have gone in the wrong direction, thinking back on it now, maybe. Could be dead, wrong end, but lemmie say, I can take a kick like no one’s business. Hug me and I die, but, those kicks, go me.