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South Park Stick of Truth – IG NEO Video Game Review

by Chris Boreson March 4, 2014
Well this damn game is finally out. After tons of delays it has been released and this game does not disappoint! I have tons of pics and video up after the jump so check it out!
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IG NEO Review – LEGO Marvel Universe Super Heroes

by Chris Boreson January 7, 2014
Here is Irate Gamer’s New IG NEO for 2014! Enjoy!  
A skylanders swap force christmas

A Skylanders ‘Swap Force’ Christmas – (Stop Motion Animated Adventure)

by Chris Boreson December 16, 2013
Merry Christmas! To bring in the season, I have posted a Skylanders video in motion! This project has clocked in over 60 hours of work from me but its well worth it in my opinion. I did most all the voices in this video and spent a lot of time making all the mouths move just right. Features Spyro, Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, Stealth Elf and more! Hit the jump for the video!


TRON Themed Glowing N-64 Console and Controller

by Chris Boreson September 27, 2013
If you need your TRON fix to hold you over until the 3rd movie, then check this out! A Modded N-64 customized in total TRON Style! Damn that thing looks good. I need one of those glow in the dark consoles. They help out during those gaming binges that last way into the night. Although I've never binged on an N64 game, I'm willing to give it a shot with this console in hand! Come here Banjo Kazooie. We're gonna bust this sh*t up. Hit the jump for the video and more pics!
megaman board game

Mega Man – The Board Game?

by Chris Boreson September 26, 2013
Want a Mega Man Board game? Well want it or not, Collectible card game purveyor Jasco Games is planning to launch an officially licensed board game based on Mega Man which debuted at  Gen Con, where initial sculptures for Mega Man and Cut Man were shown.  

Star Trek Video Game, – J.J. Abrams Dropped Involvement Early On

by Chris Boreson September 23, 2013
When I first checked this game out in 2012, it was looking like a great game. Then the closer the release got, the more troubling the gameplay footage looked and it’s release was then followed by mounds of criticism. Well looks like we now know why. J.J. Abrams has come out recently to say that […]

Super Mario airship 30

Super Mario Bros 3 – Giant LEGO Airship! EPIC

by Chris Boreson September 17, 2013
Talk about the coolest thing ever, This is a Gigantic 8,000+ piece Super Mario airship created by Baron Von Brunk – that lights up! Lights up?! Damn I need one of these!This  project to many months to finish and from the sites description, took way too much money to complete! this is a full recreation […]

Legend of Zelda Bling: Big Pimpin’ Hyrule Style

by Chris Boreson September 11, 2013
Link gets all the babes so why not wear some Legend of Zelda around your neck? Well thats what Noah Glaser Seems to have done just that. Does it work with the ladies? Will it give you magical Link-like powers? Can you defeat Gannon with this item? We'll ask him in a few weeks. In the meantime, i think this might be a good look for Mr SWAG Nick Hugget
mario 3d chalk

Super Mario – 3D Chalk Art (Time Lapse Coolness)

by Chris Boreson September 10, 2013
You've probably seen all those cool 3D sidewalk chalk artists online over the years. Now here's one featuring our favorite plummer! And it looks damn good too! Hit the jump for the video


Time to Hit the Beach! Giant Inflatable D20 Die Pool Toy

by Chris Boreson September 9, 2013
Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean the party is over just yet. Infact, it's just beginning because now you can play Dungeons and Dragons in the Pool! At 17-inches, this inflatable die takes only a minute to inflate, and then you can perform all the crazy antics of a D&D game in the pool...well unless the other players has swimmer ear, or chlorine allergies.

Diablo 3 Multiplayer Review

by Chris Boreson September 6, 2013
Checking out Diablo for the Consoles

Doctor Who – The ‘Too Good To Eat’ Cookie Set

by Chris Boreson September 6, 2013
What could be better than a set of Doctor Who themed cookies? Maybe Riding in the Actual Tardis. But until that happens, check out these awesome cookies made by the Cookie Cowgirl to hold you over! She has some serious food art skills! Hit the jump to check out another picture