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Soul Calibur II HD | Review

by ohnoroboon January 13, 2014
The original Soul Calibur was one of the most graphically impressive games of the late 90’s. If you’d asked anyone to showcase the power of the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999, Soul Calibur would have been the most likely game that they’d pop in the tray. Aside from the impressive graphics, the game was a […]

Lost Planet 3 Review

by ohnoroboon September 27, 2013
I remember the early days of the current gen consoles. I was impressed by the slew of games coming out, but was still on the lookout for a game that truly blew me away. The first Lost Planet title from Capcom was one of those games. The graphics were stunning for its time, and it […]

Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories Available on PSN

by ohnoroboon April 4, 2013
Rockstar Games announced today that two of its car-jacking, mayhem filled games are now available as part of the PS2 classics collection on the PlayStation Network for $9.99 each. Liberty City Stories let’s players experience the rise of Tony Cipriani in 1998 by taking them back to the dark, gritty streets of Liberty City. If […]


OHNOROBO Video Reviews | DMC:Devil May Cry

by ohnoroboon March 27, 2013
Patrick from OHNOROBO reviews the new reboot of Devil May Cry.

Xfire’s ‘Battleground’ Aims To Help Aspiring Pro Gamers

by ohnoroboon March 5, 2013
Xfire, a popular freeware instant messaging service for gamers, is about to celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary with the launch of “Battleground.” This new service will allow gamers to connect to a free server and play against each other competitively to earn virtual tokens. Players can earn these tokens by completing tasks in one of […]

Ohnorobo | Let’s Play Mega Man X Part 5

by ohnoroboon January 30, 2013
Launch Octopus talks major crap and Boomer Kuwanger hates me.


Ohnorobo | Let’s Play Mega Man X Part 4

by ohnoroboon January 27, 2013
Armored Armadillo gets really shy when you knock off all of his armor…

Ohnorobo | Let’s Play Mega Man X Part 3

by ohnoroboon January 26, 2013
Spark Mandrill and the sh*tty spark ultimate weapon…

Ohnorobo | Let’s Play Mega Man X Part 2

by ohnoroboon January 26, 2013
Taking on Chill Penguin….the cheap way?


Ohnorobo | Let’s Play Mega Man X Part 1

by ohnoroboon January 26, 2013
Patrick from Ohnorobo begins his first EVER let’s play with a timeless classic. Mega Man X!

2K Acquires WWE Rights From THQ

by ohnoroboon January 26, 2013
For those of you that enjoy the WWE wrestling series of games from THQ, you may be pleased to know that the rights to the games have been sold to 2K. Since THQ has now dissolved, many of the IP’s have been sold off to the highest bidders. The WWE games have been quite popular […]

Project SHIELD | The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly…

by ohnoroboon January 11, 2013
NVIDIA recently announced a new handheld called “Project SHIELD”, a handheld gaming platform that uses some impressive technology to allow you to play free to play Android games as well as stream games directly from your PC to anywhere you might be in your home. Yea, all that I interpreted was “you can play Android […]