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COD Ghosts – Taking Candy From Babies

by Max $terlingon March 31, 2014
We win a COD tourny for all adults.

TITANFALL – Midnight Launch

by Max $terlingon March 12, 2014
Max Waits impatiently for his Xbox One Titanfall Addition at the Micorsoft Store in San Diego California

TEST DRIVE | The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

by Max $terlingon January 1, 2014
About This Game: The House of the Dead: Overkill is a first-person rail shooter gun game developed by Headstrong Games and published by Sega. It is the fifth video game developed in the The House of the Dead series, a prequel to the original House of the Dead chronologically and the first in the series […]

REVIEW | Girl Fight (XBLA/PSN)

by Max $terlingon December 26, 2013
The return of the Button Masher.

Video Review | Real Boxing for PS Vita

by Max $terlingon December 7, 2013
Sterling Heisenberg compares Vita and Android versions of Real Boxing.

Call of Duty Apocalypse REVIEW

by Max $terlingon October 3, 2013
A final look at last year's COD.

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E3 The Movie

by Max $terlingon August 28, 2013
Special appearances by The Irate Gamer, SWAG, and Steve Masters

Max Crashes E3 2012: The Lost Episode (Feat. Irate Gamer and Angry Joe)

by Max $terlingon August 23, 2013
After a year in limbo, the epic conclusion of Max's 2012 E3 trip.
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SEG Podcast Episode 1: Who Am I? What’s My Name?

by Max $terlingon July 26, 2013
In my very first episode I talk about my how I started out as a youtuber to professional game reviewer.

E3 2013: nVidia Shield Hands On Preview

by Max $terlingon June 18, 2013
Max checks out nVidia's first console.

E3 2013: Max Wins A Moga Gamepad

by Max $terlingon June 14, 2013
Max "jumps" on the chance to win a free Moga gamepad for Android devices.

SegaCD Retrospective

by Max $terlingon June 7, 2013
Take a trip down memory lane with me.