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Should Gamestop be worried about Walmart?

by Rachael Wardon March 21, 2014
When it comes to the used games market, Gamestop has long been the reigning champion over other electronic stores, such as Best Buy and even Amazon. However with the recent announcement that Walmart will be stepping into the ring as of March 26, Gamestop might have a real fight on their hands. With their new […]

Review: Home Town Story (3DS)

by Rachael Wardon March 10, 2014
As a spin-off of the popular farming simulator, Harvest Moon, Home Town Story attempts to break away from the field and plow to see if managing a small town’s general store can be just as engauging. With a large cast of quirky townsfolk to interact with (some of which you can eventually marry) it is […]

Inazuma Eleven (DS) Review

by Rachael Wardon February 20, 2014
Level 5, developers of the Professor Layton series and Ni no Kuni, released their sports RPG called Inazuma Eleven for the DS in 2008. After picking up steam in Japan, it was translated and released in both Europe and Austrailia approximately three years later. Gaining enough popularity, the game franchise has gone the way of […]


Top Ten Fan Arrangements

by Rachael Wardon February 16, 2014
There is little dispute to how much awesome music has come out of the video game industry in this past two decades. Music that has gotten us ready for battle, created a unique atmosphere or even made us cry like little babies. From epic RPGs to high octane first person shooters, there is something for […]

What is the appeal of character customization?

by Rachael Wardon January 29, 2014
With video games, there are always those certain genre’s or certain features that gamers are drawn to. With first person shooters its the weapon types, for RPG’s its the classic turn based system, and for fighting games it is the ease of combos and activation of special moves. However, I’ve noticed that there is one […]

Whatever happened to Star Fox?

by Rachael Wardon January 21, 2014
For certain developers, fans have certain expectations for the video games they make. Specific series that have been around for so long that they have become a trademark. In the case of Nintendo, Mario and Legend of Zelda have reached this status. New games almost every year, each one providing a new spin on a […]


Kingdom Hearts 3: Can it live up all the hype?

by Rachael Wardon December 14, 2013
After years of build up, is it too much expectation for developers to meet?

Legend of Zelda: Did we really need a Timeline?

by Rachael Wardon December 7, 2013
I remember way back when when I would watch my older brother play Legend of Zelda, how enthralled I was by how grand and charming it was. Every year since then I always look forward to the next game with an enormous amount of enthusiasm to see what kind new twists and turns Nintendo takes […]

Xbox Smartglass: Unnecessary Technology?

by Rachael Wardon October 17, 2013
Advancements in technology over the past decade alone, has been downright staggering. It really wasn’t that long ago when people considered talking to someone face to face from a long distance away was an idea of science fiction. Heck, even the idea that simple media for entertainment such as video games would have caught fire […]


What if the Nintendo DS have never come out?

by Rachael Wardon September 23, 2013
Its hard to imagine what hand held gaming would have evolved differently if this one little device had never been released. Would developers have continued to develop the interactive touch screen as a much as they have now? If not, what kind of nuance in gaming mechanics would we have gotten instead? More work on […]

Princess Peach: Ditz in Distress?

by Rachael Wardon September 9, 2013
Mario games have always been pretty straight forward in terms of story. Mario loves Princess Peach, Princess gets captured by arch nemesis Bowser forcing Mario to go on an extended journey to find a way to stop Bowser and save the Princess. This happens in so many of Mario’s games that the kidnapping of the […]

How Should Nintendo Move Forward with The Legend of Zelda Series?

by Rachael Wardon August 13, 2013
When you hear the name, Legend of Zelda, what comes to mind? An epic adventure story set in a world of fantasy, expansive dungeons where you test your skills with numerous new tools, a large world where you are free to explore and complete side quests and mini games to your heart’s content? After 25 […]