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WWF Wrestling Games NES Review

by Aqualungon June 23, 2014
My review of the 3 WWF wrestling games I hadn’t reviewed yet: WWF Wrestlemania ChallengeWWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage ChallengeWWF King Of The Ring. I previously reviewed WWF Wrestlemania already, so it’s only briefly mentioned in this video.

Tiny Toon Adventures NES Review/Walkthrough

by Aqualungon May 23, 2014
My review of “Tiny Toon Adventures” on NES.

M*A*S*H Atari 2600 Review

by Aqualungon May 7, 2014
“M*A*SH” for the Atari 2600

Felix The Cat NES Review/Walkthrough

by Aqualungon April 20, 2014
My review/walkthrough of “Felix The Cat” for the NES.
video pinball

Video Pinball Atari 2600 Review

by Aqualungon March 28, 2014
“Video Pinball” for the Atari 2600.

Super Spike V’Ball NES Review

by Aqualungon March 16, 2014
My review of “Super Spike V’Ball” for the NES.

Dalt Wisney Heist Podcast With Hannu “TheHande” Mäkinen & Cendoo

by Aqualungon March 11, 2014
Archive page: Podcast (direct download): Dalt Wisney comic:
sesame street

Sesame Street Games Atari 2600 Review

by Aqualungon March 4, 2014
Sesame Street Games for Atari 2600

Metal Storm NES Review/Walkthrough

by Aqualungon February 13, 2014
My review/walkthrough of “Metal Storm” for the NES.


Casino Atari 2600 Review

by Aqualungon December 13, 2013
“Casino” for the Atari 2600

Super Mario Land Game Boy Review/Walkthrough

by Aqualungon November 22, 2013
My review/walkthrough of “Super Mario Land” for the Game Boy.
lost luggage

Lost Luggage Atari 2600 Review

by Aqualungon October 14, 2013
“Lost Luggage” for the Atari 2600