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RRPG Two-Cents: 2D Mario Games Stick to Tradition

by RRPGon July 7, 2012
Why don’t Mario games change? Listen to the story and hear my two-cents on it! Article: Facebook: Twitter:

NCAA Football 13 Interview: Ben Haumiller [Producer]

by Classic L337on July 7, 2012
This is an interview with NCAA Football 13 Lead Producer: Ben Haumiller. In this interview, Ben tell us about his history in the gaming industry, and he walks us through the new offensive & defensive additions to the game as well as Heisman Challenge Mode. This interview & video were produced by @TonyStemen from the […]
Episode 37

GotGame News Episode 37: iPad Mini, Wii U Vs Next-Gen Consoles, and Classic Gaming Expo

by Ramon Arandaon July 7, 2012
This week on GotGame News, Ramon and Tara talk about the announcement of the iPad Mini’s release date, Wii U’s internal capabilities that will keep it closer to Next-Gen console and the upcoming Classic Gaming Expo.

Lego Batman – Part 11 There She goes again

by Kwingreviewson July 7, 2012
Our Facebook – LEGO Batman series Playlist – Batman & Robin Story Mode Chapter 2: Power-Crazed Penguin! This is episode 11 “There She Goes Again” This co-op part 11 of our series. New episodes are added during the week. Beware Catwoman Lego! Lego Batman the videogame released September 23, 2008. The game is […]

Buzzwords (July 7)

by Drew Robbinson July 7, 2012
We live in a time of excess and instant gratification, but, above all else, we live in a time of buzzwords. Buzzwords control the landscape of the world; politics, sports, and, of course, video games are all manipulated by these simple words and phrases. As a result of their power, Buzzwords must be embraced. This […]