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Return to Death Run!

by Nick Don April 17, 2014
SUBSCRIBING MAKES YOU RAD: http://bit.ly/1fIIOYzYou can’t outrun death, but you can sure as hell try…Thumbnail art by: http://alfalfadil-art.tumblr.com/—————————————Chilled: http://www.youtube.com/criousgamersDlive: http://www.youtube.com/user/dlive22891Minx: http://www.youtube.com/therpgminxZe: http://www.youtube.com/zemachinima—————————————̵...

GGR 673 Goat Simulator & The Wolf Among Us

by Steve Masterson April 17, 2014
Listen up videogamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Wanna wreak stuff…like a goat? There’s a wacky computer game out called Goat Simulator. It’s a destruction game, and you are a goat. No, you don’t just chew tin cans.. you can lick stuff with your goat toung… destroy everything… cars, parties, outdoor picnics… and the goat […]

Lego the Hobbit – Walkthrough Part 6 Over Hill and Under Hill co-op (PS4)

by Kwingreviewson April 17, 2014
Lego the Hobbit Part 6 PS4 Guide Over Hill and Under Hill. The Dwarf Company faces off against Giant Rock Creatures. Before, the Last Alliance of Free Men and Elves stood up against the Dark Lord of Mordor! A Young Hobbit from Bag’s End dreamed of going on a Fantastic Adventure. LEGO the Hobbit Walkthrough […]

Behind The Scenes (Hide & Seek)

by Nick Don April 17, 2014
SUBSCRIBING MAKES YOU RAD: http://bit.ly/1fIIOYzThumbnail art by: http://cossus.tumblr.com/The most dangerous game of tag you could ever imagine. ————————————-Hutch: http://www.youtube.com/shaun0728Gassy: http://www.youtube.com/gassymexicanNanners: http://www.youtube.com/seananners—————————————-BUY MY SHIT! http://eatmydiction1.spreadshirt.comSIGN UP FOR LOOTCRATE!...

Swords & Soldiers II Interview & Gameplay PAX EAST 2014

by Kwingreviewson April 17, 2014
Ronimo Games, the guys behind Awesomenauts guide us through Swords & Soldiers 2 for the Nintendo Wii U Eshop. Thanks for watching don’t forget to Like, Favorite & Subscribe. Also let us know what you think of this RTS side scrolling Game in the comments below. Stalk me here -http://www.facebook.com/knightwing01http://twitter.com/KwingReviews

10 New Rockstar Verified Jobs for GTA Online

by Tatiana Dinuon April 17, 2014
Grand Theft Auto Online has now 10 new Rockstar Verified Jobs. One of them is the first Verified Air Race. Also Rockstar says that the next batch will include the first Verified Capture Jobs selected from Capture Weekend submissions. Below you can see the list of the new Jobs added and here you can see […]

grid2_Peak Performance_05

GRID 3 To Be Revealed Next Week?

by Robert Craciunon April 17, 2014
A teaser trailer posted by Codemasters suggests that a new GRID title is coming out soon. The trailer was posted on Youtube with the ”Brace Yourselves… Racing is Coming” title. Last Friday, Codemasters suggested that an imminent reveal for one of its racing games could be on the way, but we didn’t know if they were talking […]

Ubisoft considers that Watch Dogs will be one of the “best-selling new IPs in recent memory”

by Tatiana Dinuon April 17, 2014
According to Ubisoft and to their expectations Watch Dogs is going to be one of the best sold titles of 2014 and also one of the “best-selling new IPs in recent memory.” When Wayne Greenwell talked to MCV he said that the numbers of pre-orders for the game are high and this can be seen as […]

The teaser video of Risen 3: Titan Lords not showing so much

by Tatiana Dinuon April 17, 2014
Risen 3: Titan Lords has a new teaser video available. Even so it is not showing anything but some beastly action. It has only 23 seconds and it doesn’t show that much from the gameplay. The game will be released in August on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can watch the video below. Source: […]

The Walking Dead invades Vita next week.

The Walking Dead invades PlayStation Vita

by Charlie Grammeron April 17, 2014
If you thought you were safe from the undead on your handheld, Telltale Games has some bad news for you. Next week, The Walking Dead: Season II: Episode 1: All that Remains as well as Episode II: A House Divided will be available on your handheld. The titles will arrive in North America on Tuesday, […]
Humongous Entertainment classics arrive on Steam.

Night Dive Studios brings 28 Humongous Entertainment titles to Steam

by Charlie Grammeron April 17, 2014
Today the classic games developer which specializes in the restoration and optimization of retro classic titles, Night Dive Studios, and Tommo, Inc., a global game and entertainment company, have revealed that 28 classic Humongous Entertainment titles will be arriving on Steam. Six of these 28 classic titles were released today. These are Putt-Putt Joins the Parade, […]

The Last of Us: Remastered release date leaked

by Dragos Dobreon April 17, 2014
Don’t forget that you can help me and my channel by leaving a rating on this video. Sponsors and useful links are available below: Source: http://www.gamepur.com/news/14330-last-us-remastered-release-date-leaked.html Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theothersiders360 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOthersiders Gameplay recorded with HD PVR 2: http://hauppauge.com/

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